September 21, 2018

8 Best Value Mobile Phones in 2018

The best mobile plan depends on your requirements, preferences, and of course, your budget. With mobile phones offering almost everything that technology today provides, it is quite difficult to decide which plan is ideal for you. The key is to compare mobile phones and weigh the pros and cons of each. It will also help to read mobile phone reviews.

To help you with the decision-making process, here is a list of eight mobile plans out in the market for different types of users:

1. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

This is Samsung’s successful return to the phablet market. It has features that can match those of iPhone X and iPhone 8, with gorgeous and elegant design, an excellent stylus, 6.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, and outstanding software. Tech-savvy users will definitely love this phone. The downside is, the battery life might not be enough – 3300 mAh compared to 3500 mAh of the Note 7.

2. Apple iPhone X

There really is nothing much to say because when we say “iPhone”, it means top-of-the-line features and performance. Apple now offers face recognition called the Face ID, a more serious biometric security. This means more peace of mind for iPhone lovers.

3. LG V30

The V30 comes with a 6-inch screen has which has 1440 x 2880 pixels, and an 18:9 ratio. It bets on its FullVision display much like its predecessor, the LG G6, but this time, LG switched to P-OLED.

4. Motorola Moto G5 Plus

This is quite hard to beat. For one thing, its design doesn’t look and feel like it’s a budget phone. Excluding the features that you might not actually need, the Moto G delivers quality and reliability that users expect at an affordable price.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

With its 5.8-inch curved screen, the S8 is almost the same as the Galaxy S7, featuring fast speeds and awesome display. This feels like a futuristic phone. However, the fingerprint reader could be better.

6. Google Pixel 2

This phone is about taking pictures and Google’s software. It comes with a Qualcomm chipset, a high-end camera, and stereo speakers. The downside is, it doesn’t have the 18:9 display like the XL.

7. OnePlus 5T

This is also an affordable phone for new buyers. It’s similar to the OnePlus 5, though the only difference is that it now has a tall 18:9 6-inch screen that occupies a larger amount of the front of the phone. The 5T still has the slim body and premium feel of other flagship phones.

8. Motorola Moto X4

The Moto X4 performs well as a mid-range phone from Motorola. It comes with tons of useful software tricks. However, there are camera issues – its slow and the wide-angle feature warps images.  Price-wise, it sits between the G5S and Z2 Play.

 Do you have other ideas on the best mobile phones and how to compare phones? Share your insights in the comments section.

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How to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Being Stolen

For most people, a mobile phone has become a necessity. It not only helps them to stay connected with friends and family but also provides them with entertainment and an avenue to look for information or make online transactions.

It offers convenience and it is imperative to take good care of it including making sure it is not stolen. After all, it doesn’t come cheap, so take measures to ensure that you will always have your mobile phone in your pocket or purse.

So how can you prevent your mobile phone from being stolen? When you compare phones, look for security features and other offerings that will make it easy for you to do something to retrieve your phone or at least protect your personal information if your phone gets stolen. Check mobile phone reviews and know what other people use to secure their phones and data.

Here are some things to take into account:

1. Activate the screen lock

It doesn’t matter if your phone is iOS, BlackBerry or Android – there is a feature that will enable you to lock the screen down. You can use a four-digit PIN code. In other models, it calls for a biometric authentication or a fingerprint scan. While having a screen lock will not prevent thieves from stealing your phone, it does make your personal data safe and secure, making it difficult for thieves to use your phone right away to make calls or any other transactions.

2. Mark your handset

Make sure that you can identify your phone very easily. For instance, put it in a secure case so you can spot it immediately. If you have a common model, it may be hard to know which is yours, but with a unique case that you can identify quickly, it’s easier to know which phone belongs to you.

3. Use the tracking features

When you compare phones, look for a model that has tracking features, and make sure to use them. Apple has a feature called Find my iPhone which lets you know where you phone is. It also works in iPad Pro as well as in Apple Watch. The great thing about it is that you can keep track of all of your Apple devices with just one login.

 Do you have other tips on how to prevent your mobile phone from being stolen? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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