September 24, 2018

Compare Phones & Find the Best Phone to Buy with These Eight Tips

Not sure how to compare the best mobile phone deals? If you are like most people, buying a new phone can be both thrilling and depressing. You probably want good value, durability as well as functionality. But browsing through endless product descriptions that all offer amazing features and designs won’t always get you any closer to an answer. Reading technical specifications can be equally tiring and confusing. Who has time to figure out what a dual processor is after all?

Price is another issue that can make grey hairs appear on the head of even the most mobile phone savvy. Because how do you know which is the best value smartphone? Keep reading for a few good tips on how to compare phones and find the best low cost mobile phones in Australia.

1. Compare phones based on the price you would like to pay

What is your Australian budget? Sometimes it can make life easier to set an amount of money aside for your purchase and compare phones that fit within that budget. There is a fine balance between choosing something that’s out dated and something that is simply overpriced. Do you really need the latest model or would last year’s phone be fine, too? Look for a phone that has the desired functionality and still isn’t too pricy. It’s all about finding a balance when you compare mobile phones.

2. Could you love a dumb phone?

Most people want a smartphone these days but the old kind of “dumb” phone has also experienced a comeback. They are not for everyone, but they are worth looking into when you compare mobile phones.

Dumb phones don’t have touch screens, apps or internet. They can constitute a welcome break from technology and give you some well-deserved time away from social media and the constant being “on”. It’s cheaper, has longer battery life, is more durable and is smaller, so it can fit in any pocket. Dumb phones also have some pretty cool designs to choose between. And they have real, physical buttons. The thing that makes the dumb phone so attractive however is also the reason why many choose a smartphone instead: they can’t do anything. They don’t have any apps and no internet. You can’t open it and check the maps if you’re lost or read that very important email on the train. Some people would absolutely hate that while others would love it. If you want one of the most affordable cell phones, ask yourself: could you love a dumb phone?

3. Affordable cell phones that use Android or iOS

While the feud over iOS or Android might seem futile to you, it could save you money to think about it when you compare the best mobile phone deals. Boil it down to this: the older version of a specific phone you can get, the more money you’ll save, but the more out dated the operating system will be. Very old iOS models will be so out dated that it will be hard to get any apps for it, while Android doesn’t have the same problem. If you are buying a relatively recent version of your favourite smartphone, this isn’t really an issue. But if you do want to get an old – and cheaper – version, iOS could potentially cause some problems. That’s why it sometimes makes sense to check out the operating system when looking for the best value smartphone.

4. Compare mobile phones based on durability

Unfortunately, some mobile phones on the market today won’t last you a long time. Finding a durable phone will prevent another pricy purchase in the near future, so that is definitely worth looking into. A good way to compare the best mobile phone deals when it comes to durability is to read a bit about the phones on the internet. What do people say? Which phones are doing well in durability tests and which ones not so much? Mobile phone reviews and test sites are both valuable resources when trying to compare the most durable and affordable cell phones.

5. Make a quick search for the kind of phone you’re looking for

A really good way to get an overview of all the low cost mobile phones on the market is to simply type “compare” + the type of phone you are looking for into a search engine. If you want a smartphone with good battery life, try searching for “compare smartphones with good battery life”. And if you want the latest phone, try something like “latest cell phones”. There are tons of blogs testing phones based on different criteria.

If you are not sure what you want, you can also try to search for something generic like “Best smartphones”, “compare best mobile phone deals” or “best phone to buy”, and you will be able to find tests on that, too. That can help you to figure out what is really important to you. Is battery life a must-have for your next phone? Or maybe size or durability? These articles will mention things that can be hard to figure out from specifications alone, such as how the phone feels in the hand, if it lacks something vital or if something just isn’t working well.

6. Compare phones by reading mobile phone reviews

When you have narrowed down what kind of phone you would like, it can be a good idea to read a few mobile phone reviews. Reading smartphone reviews can help you find out if something is wrong with it. Maybe most customers think that the phone is slow or that the screen cracks too easily. Every phone will always have some bad reviews, but it’s a good method to find out what the general opinion is amongst customers, and if it’s still worth buying.

Videos are also a great way to check out your chosen phone in more detail. See if anyone has made un-boxing videos or reviews about it. Seeing the phone in someone else’s hand and hearing their thoughts can help you with your decision.

Not everyone has time to keep researching their new phone for ever, but even a few smartphone reviews or mobile phone reviews can help you get a clearer picture.

7. Consider warranty and repair when you compare mobile phones

You can save some money down the road by taking warranty and repair service into consideration. Some phones are notoriously hard to find parts for and don’t include any sort of repair service from the provider. It can pay off to buy your phone directly from a local shop where you know you can easily go down and have the phone exchanged or repaired. Sometimes, if you buy the phone from a middle man or from foreign websites, it can be harder to utilise the warranty.

Warranties and repair services is just one factor to consider when you compare the best mobile phone deals, but it can give financial peace of mind, especially if purchasing a pricier phone.

8. Which is the best phone to buy? Second hand versus new

If you don’t care about having the latest cell phones, second hand is also an option that could save you money. Preferably you should try to go for a newer version that isn’t too old so it can last you a decent amount of time. Lots of people keep updating regularly, so it’s entirely possible to find an almost new phone second hand. It’s a great way to get good value for a better price. Just make sure to turn it on and play around with it a bit before making the purchase, so you are sure it’s working.

Buying a very old second hand phone might save you money in the moment, but will be more likely to break or run on out dated software in a few months’ time. So make sure you are investing in a decent quality phone.

How to buy low cost mobile phones

Buying affordable mobile phones isn’t just about going with the lowest price. It’s about comparing your budget with the kind of features you would like as well as finding a phone that will still be working in half a year. It’s not always easy to compare mobile phones, but using common sense and researching well is a big part of finding the best value smartphone.
However not everyone wants the latest cell phones. An old fashioned dumb phone can be a great alternative if you don’t need internet, email, maps and so on. It might even be a welcome relief for some people who would like fewer distractions in their lives. A dumb phone is usually also more durable and has better battery life.

No matter what phone you want, whether it’s a dumb phone, a second hand phone or one of the latest cell phones, the trick is to research well. If you want a smartphone, read as many smartphone reviews as you can. Start broad, then narrow down when you have found a few possible options. Reading smartphone reviews and watching unboxing videos can help you find out if the phone you’d like to purchase is also really worth it.

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Features to Compare when Buying a New Phone

Now more than ever, mobile phones are a staple in day-to-day activities for most, if not all, people. Your phone goes beyond calls and text messages. It can make life much easier to handle. With just a swipe of a finger, you can set schedules, check emails, watch videos and TV series, and listen to music. Mobile technology shows no signs of stopping, and it seems like phone brands keep coming up with new models with the latest high-tech features and consumers can’t wait to test them out.

With so many brands offering a variety of mobile phones, you may ask: what’s the best phone to buy? One of the ways to narrow down your selection is to compare phones. Only then will you be able to see which features suit your needs and budget. Here are some of the things to compare when buying a new phone:

Operating system

You can choose Apple, Android or Windows. Each has its own distinct advantages and drawbacks. Apple iOS are available only on iPhones, while Android is used by various phone manufacturers, and Windows is increasingly making its mark in the OS space.


In this day and age of selfies, a lot of people are looking at mobile phones with higher megapixel count and other features that enable them to take clear photos in varying lighting conditions. The video quality is likewise important. You may want to look at models with a video recorder that offers HD quality.


As phones offer functions aside from calls and text messaging, apps are so popular that buyers usually look for phones that allow them to stream TV shows and movies, and access games, office tools, fitness trackers, and other programs.

Battery life

A lot of people want to be online all the time so they lean towards models with higher capacity batteries. Some can handle heavy usage for one full day before requiring a recharge.

Memory card

Some brands take pride in their models with memory card slots for expanded memory. If you’re into taking a lot of photos and downloading videos and music, you may want to consider a phone with a memory card slot. There are also several options for this so make sure to determine what kind of memory you’ll need.

Final Thoughts on Buying a New Phone

These are just some of the features to consider when purchasing a new phone. You can also look at smartphone reviews to know the latest cell phones and get the best deal in Australia.

Got other tips on the best phone to buy and smartphone reviews? You can share your ideas in the comments section below.

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How to Upgrade Your Smartphone Every 12 Months with the Help of Ebay

Getting a new phone each year doesn’t have to be expensive if you’re willing to go prepaid and buy online.

There is nothing more annoying than a slow, or poorly functioning smartphone. It doesn’t take too long, or too many accidentally drops, for smartphone performance to decline.

While, postpaid plans lock you into a long-term contract, going prepaid gives you the option to upgrade whenever you want. Here’s how to upgrade your smartphone every year.

Go prepaid

First and foremost, you need to be on a prepaid plan.

Prepaid means you are not locked into a contract or have a fixed monthly payment. Your SIM can be transferred between phones as you please. The main benefit is that you only pay for what you actually use, or can use less and pay less if you need to.

All the major telecommunications companies offer prepaid plans, but the new low-cost providers are usually just as good at a fraction of the cost.

Do your research

Check mobile phone reviews online to find one which has the features you need and use. Smartphones have come a long way in the last couple of years. New low-cost smartphones are incredibly powerful and feature packed. While the top of the line models are great products, they are also overkill for most users.

Shop online

Once you know what phone you want, search online to find the best price. eBay and Amazon are great to start because they will have competitive prices. However, it is worth check a few traditional electronic stores as they can have good sales sometimes. Be wary of overseas stores as they may not have the same model as the Australia version.

Sell your old phone

The beauty of buying a phone out right is that it’s your phone. You can sell it as you please. Gumtree and eBay are both good options to sell your old phone. Just make sure you do a full factory reset to remove any personal information before you sell it. Also, take out any external memory cards.

You should be able to get a reasonable price for a one-year-old phone if you have taken good care of it, and it was a popular model. A cheap case and screen protector will keep your phone in like new condition.

Upgrading your smartphone each year is easy if you are willing to buy and sell online. Doing so will mean you always have the most up to date technology, without paying costly monthly contract fees.

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