October 19, 2018

Top 3 Websites to Test Your Internet Speed

Not getting the speed you think you should from your broadband connection in Australia? Test it to see how it stacks up.

For some things, humans have impossibly high expectations with no regard for the challenges that may be faced to achieve these expectations. Think about our tolerance or lack thereof for slow internet.

We demand blistering fast internet speeds, with little care for the fact that data is travelling vast distance and competing for ‘space’ with millions of pieces of information to get to you.

Beyond our lack of patience, there is some necessity for fast internet speeds. Many of the services available on the internet require a fast connection to function; like Netflix, or online gaming. Even a seemingly simple website can have lots of data-heavy features that struggle to load with a poor connection.

Most internet service providers in Australia advertise ‘super doper fast internet’, but this won’t always be achievable by all users.

It is relatively easy to test your internet speed and find out just how good your connection is. So, before you compare broadband plans or look for the best internet deals, do a speed test on your current provider, to know what you are currently getting.

Here are some sites that you can use to test your broadband speed for free:

All you do is click on the ‘Start test’ button and wait for the results. The sites mentioned above have easy to understand results that don’t require any technical knowledge to interpret.

What can you do with the speed test result? Compare it will the maximum theoretical speeds advertised by your Internet service provider.

Don’t be surprised if you’re not reaching maximum theoretical speeds, they are… well, ‘theoretical’.

Lots of things can make your connection slower than what it could be:

  • The distance from the closest node (the place internet comes from in your local area).
  • The hardware you are using (particularly the router).
  • The number of users on the network.
  • The quality of the cable running in your neighbourhood.

Here are a couple of simple ways to make sure you are getting the fastest speed without changing providers or buying new equipment:

  1. Reset your router. Turn it off, wait one minute and turn it back on. Simple but effective.
  2. Stop background data use. Check to see if you have background downloads or data consumption; disable anything that isn’t required.
  3. Check for viruses. Some types of viruses can slow down your connection. Run a scan and remove anything that it finds.

If you’re disappointed with your current speed, do a test and get actual performance. Try some of the above suggestions to improve your speed. If it is still sluggish, it might be time to compare internet deals.

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