September 24, 2018

Top 5 Smart Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Looking smart, pulled together and fashionable needn’t cost a fortune. These days, there are lots of smart ways to save money on clothes. While walking into a designer fashion store and buying a whole coordinated outfit at once is the easy way to shop for clothing, it could also max your credit card to the limit.

For designer looks on a slim budget you have to do some sleuthing to hunt out the best bargains. Here are five smart ways to save money on clothes:

Plan your wardrobe

Each season, scour the fashion mags and online stores to learn the latest looks and identify which key looks would suit you and your lifestyle. Then take a look at your existing wardrobe and see which pieces you already have would work with this season’s looks.

Going through this process means you can fine down to a couple of key pieces to buy that would most effectively update your wardrobe for this season.

Sticking to buying these pieces, and these pieces only, eliminates those ‘big mistake’ impulse buys that don’t go with anything, saving you money and ensuring your wardrobe is always well-coordinated.

Buy quality

Quality lasts and also looks better on you. Buy fewer clothes, but the best quality you can afford. This particularly applies to classic pieces that rarely go right out of fashion.

Have you ever heard of the Konmari method to declutter? Marie Kondo suggests that you only keep things to spark joy. This is an approach you can consider when you think about your next trip to the shopping mall!

Shop cleverly online

There are a host of cheap online fashion stores and some have very well-priced, stylish clothing. Spend some time hunting out those that have the most appealing styles for you at the best prices, and check that delivery is reasonably priced or, better yet, free if you order above a set amount. Some sites also offer great discounts and snap sales if you subscribe to their email list.

Take advantage of the seasonal differences between the southern and northern hemispheres by buying clothes online at the end of season sales in the northern hemisphere and tucking them away for the next season here.

Shop second hand

Buying second hand clothes is the most sustainable, and the cheapest, way to look great on a budget and save money on clothes. Hunt out top quality second hand bargains in op shops, vintage clothing shops, recycled designer clothing stores and sites such as Gumtree and eBay.

Look for the best designer labels in great condition and you can steadily build a super stylish wardrobe for as little as $10 an outfit that could have cost the original owner many hundreds of dollars new – and still looks new!

Hold a fashion swap meet

For a wardrobe refresh at no cost at all, invite friends, family and neighbours around for a fashion swap day. Everyone brings along some clothes that no longer fit or they’re simply tired of and swaps them for something else.

If you know how to shop for clothes effectively and follow these tips to shopping for clothes, you’ll not only save money but be better dressed for less. Then just wait for the compliments to flow on how good you look in your new outfits!

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