October 19, 2018

Is Samsung Galaxy S9 Worth the Money?

New smartphones often have little new to offer over their predecessors aside from minor updates and tweaks here and there. Sometimes, it is only the aesthetics that are improved because there is little room to improve performance. So, if you currently have a Samsung S8, is it worth upgrading to the new S9?

  • The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 are almost the same physically, with the S9 only 1.2mm shorter. The Galaxy S9 has 5.8-inch 1440p OLED display, much like the S8. Both have 64GB storage, not including the SD card, 4GB of RAM, and wireless charging.
  • The biggest design change is the placement of the fingerprint sensor which is moved to a position below the camera lens in the Galaxy S9. In the Galaxy S8, the fingerprint sensor is next to the camera lens making it easy to accidentally smudge it with your finger. Another design change is the addition of stereo speakers.
  • The S9’s main camera is 12MP and it produces crisp outdoor images. This is a substantial improvement. The new camera setup is comprised of a “Super Speed” Dual Pixel sensor and the lense has a variable aperture. The sensor produces great images in low light which was a weakness for the GS8.
  • Performance-wise, the S9 may not be the fastest phone on the market but it is faster than the S8. The new Snapdragon 845 on the S9 offers a 25% boost in performance. Graphics have improved by 30% over the Snapdragon 835 on the S8.
  • The battery hasn’t changed. The S8 and S9 feature 3000mAh battery packs. But you can expect better battery performance with the S9’s Snapdragon 845 processor because the new chip has a 30% power efficiency improvement.

So, is it worth the upgrade? If you own an S8, you are already enjoying most of the features of the S9. If mobile photography is your thing, then go and get the Galaxy S9. Most people don’t think it’s worth the upgrade because the new camera is the only selling point of the S9. So, if you’re not into camera technology or mobile photography, then stick with the S8 or whatever smartphone you have at the moment. As with any other gadget, it pays to do your research, compare phones, and check which features suit you best.

Do you have ideas on how to compare phones? Share your tips in the comments section.

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Best Upcoming Smartphones in 2018

More and more people are using smartphones not only to connect with other people but also for entertainment and to help them with their day-to-day tasks. To meet the ever-growing demand, brands come up with numerous models every year, offering a wide range of features that cater to different demographics.

Sure, everybody knows Apple and Samsung, two popular brands that dominated the smartphone market in 2017, but in 2018 you’ll see other mobile phone companies that are aiming to take the top spot.

With so many models to choose from, it makes sense to know how to compare phones. Check out the features of several models and see if they meet your requirements and lifestyle. It also helps to look at mobile phone reviews as these are from people who have firsthand experience on the devices.

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the upcoming smartphones in 2018:

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Unsurprisingly, a smartphone from Apple made it to this list. This model dominates the mobile phone scene in a lot of aspects, from performance to battery life. It comes with a dual camera system. However, it may not beat the low-light photography feature of the Galaxy Note 8. Overall, the market will surely rave about the Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

Samsung S9 and S9+

The world’s leading smartphone company, Samsung, offers the S9 and the S9+. It is expected that the new offerings will have internal memory of 128GB, unlike the Galaxy S8 which only has 64GB. It will also run on a 6GB RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

HTC 11 Mini

If you’re familiar with the U11 phone, you’ll surely look forward to its mini version. It’s a mid-range smartphone that comes with a 5.2-inch HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor. As for taking photos, it has a 16MP camera on the front and at the back. Also, the HTC 11 Mini has a 2600 mAh battery so you can use your phone the entire day without worrying about its battery life.

Huawei P11

Looking for the fastest smartphone in 2018? Check out Huawei P11. It comes with the Kirin 970 chip that offers 25% better CPU performance, and as for battery life, it has 50% better efficiency. When you compare mobile phones, you will no doubt check the price. You’ll find that P11 comes at a better price if you compare it with the likes of Samsung.

Do you have other ideas on best value smartphones? You can share your insights in the comments section.

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How to Prevent Your Mobile Phone from Being Stolen

For most people, a mobile phone has become a necessity. It not only helps them to stay connected with friends and family but also provides them with entertainment and an avenue to look for information or make online transactions.

It offers convenience and it is imperative to take good care of it including making sure it is not stolen. After all, it doesn’t come cheap, so take measures to ensure that you will always have your mobile phone in your pocket or purse.

So how can you prevent your mobile phone from being stolen? When you compare phones, look for security features and other offerings that will make it easy for you to do something to retrieve your phone or at least protect your personal information if your phone gets stolen. Check mobile phone reviews and know what other people use to secure their phones and data.

Here are some things to take into account:

1. Activate the screen lock

It doesn’t matter if your phone is iOS, BlackBerry or Android – there is a feature that will enable you to lock the screen down. You can use a four-digit PIN code. In other models, it calls for a biometric authentication or a fingerprint scan. While having a screen lock will not prevent thieves from stealing your phone, it does make your personal data safe and secure, making it difficult for thieves to use your phone right away to make calls or any other transactions.

2. Mark your handset

Make sure that you can identify your phone very easily. For instance, put it in a secure case so you can spot it immediately. If you have a common model, it may be hard to know which is yours, but with a unique case that you can identify quickly, it’s easier to know which phone belongs to you.

3. Use the tracking features

When you compare phones, look for a model that has tracking features, and make sure to use them. Apple has a feature called Find my iPhone which lets you know where you phone is. It also works in iPad Pro as well as in Apple Watch. The great thing about it is that you can keep track of all of your Apple devices with just one login.

 Do you have other tips on how to prevent your mobile phone from being stolen? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Smart Tips for Buying a Used Phone

If you are planning to buy a used smartphone, you have to consider a lot of things. The main concern is the price. Obviously, used smartphones are really cheap compared to brand new ones. You also have to check the condition and aesthetics of the phone. And, you have to accept the fact that there will be no warranty service so you have to make sure that the phone is working properly.

Before you buy a used smartphone, you must do some research first to get the best value smartphone. There are many online stores that sell used smartphones. You can buy a used Iphone6 for less than $500, Samsung Galaxy S8 for $750, and other high end phones for less than $700. If you’re on a tight budget, there are smartphones that you can buy for less than $300 like an iPhone5. Every smartphone that ever came out in the market can be purchased online in brand new and used conditions. But the problem is, you can’t tell if the unit is working properly, or if the software has glitches, so be very careful when buying online.

You can also search social networks for people who are selling pre-owned smartphones, with whom you can arrange a meeting for your transaction. Their prices are almost the same as in online stores, and sometimes, even cheaper. Buying in person, or meeting up with the seller is better because you can inspect the unit. Meeting up in person is the best way to go when buying a used smartphone as this can put your mind at ease, knowing that you’ve tested the unit beforehand.

What do you need to do when checking a used smartphone? Here are some things to take into account.

Physically inspect the phone

Take your time on this one. Look for signs of wear and tear like cracks, dents, as well as water damage. Also, check the camera lens for scratches.

Open it

Open anything that can be opened like flaps, card slots for SIM and microSD.

Run the service code test

Smartphones have access to a special menu that checks the running condition of the phone.

Check all the ports

Use your headphones to check the headset jack and your charging cables to see if the charging port is functional.

Pop in your SIM card

Check whether the phone is locked or unlocked by using your SIM to make call and text tests.

Do you have other tips on how to compare phones? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Tips on Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Smartphones have become part of our basic necessities that it is hard to live without one. However, these high-tech devices that easily fit our pockets are also easily misplaced or worse, get stolen. Imagine putting your life in a small box then all of a sudden, you can’t find it, not to mention the amount of money you’ve invested on such device.

Luckily, modern technology has developed solutions to locate our lost smartphones. Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS are the two leading mobile operating systems that are continuously providing us with the newest smartphone technology. Both have given us ways, or apps, to retrieve and protect lost devices. When you compare mobile phones, you may want to check for features that will enable you to track your phone when you lose it or gets stolen.

You need to take some simple steps first to make sure that your smartphone can be tracked remotely.

For Android users:

Go to Google Settings > Security > activate “Remotely locate this device”, so when an unfortunate incident strikes, your phone can provide the information of its whereabouts. When that happens, you need log in at android.com/find and locate your phone at any given time.

“Find My Device” is a Google app that enables you to manage your smartphone remotely. It is built directly into your Android phone so all you have to do is activate it. When you search your lost phone through Google, you can change your password, or make your phone ring, along with other notification functions. If you’re unable to find your phone, this app lets you wipe it of your sensitive information. But keep in mind that these measures will only work if your lost phone is turned on and has internet access.

For Apple users:

If it is an iPhone that you’ve lost, the process is similar to that of an Android device. If your iPhone is still in your possession, make sure it’s ready for remote tracking. First, go to Settings > iCloud > activate “Find My Iphone”.

You also need to turn on your “Location Services” in the Privacy settings. iCloud helps you get your iPhone back and protect it from unauthorized use. With “Activation Lock”, your information is safe and usage of the device is next to impossible. The same with Android, your iPhone is displayed on a map. You can also make it ring or play a sound, and the best part, erase all of your personal information remotely. This IOS feature is also built-in on all IOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac.

Got other ideas on smartphones and how to keep track of them? Share your tips in the comments section.  

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Best Budget Smartphones in Australia 2017

Brands seem to release new models and features of smartphones every season, and with so many types to look into, choosing the right one can be daunting. That’s why it’s essential to compare phones and weigh the pros and cons of each model. It also pays to check mobile phone reviews of other consumers.  In that way, you can get the best value smartphone for you.

One main consideration is the price. If you’re on a tight budget, you may think that you will not be able to afford a smartphone with awesome features. You’ll be pleased to know that this is not the case. In fact, there are a lot of budget smartphones out there that will not hurt your wallet. Here are several budget smartphones in Australia:

Oppo A77 smartphone

It’s fast. It looks good, you’ll forget that it’s a mid-range phone. It can also capture good photos even with low lighting. One minor drawback is that it has minor video issues. Oppo A77 is a mid-range model that comes with an affordable price. With these features, this budget smartphone is a great value choice that’s within your budget.

Huawei GR5 phone

If you’re looking for an affordable smartphone that captures better photos than other more expensive phones, you can’t go wrong with the Huawei GR5. Even if you don’t use the camera regularly, this is still a great choice.

Oppo R9s Plus phone

The Oppo R9s Plus model is an all-around smartphone. It’s fast and it doesn’t run out of battery quickly. It may not be the best at every feature, but it’s right up there for features that you look for in a phone.  Also, it’s half the price of its rivals offering similar features and qualities, making it a great value choice.

Moto G5 Plus phone

Here’s a mid-range Android smartphone that suits both your budget and your needs. Aside from its dual SIM slot, hydrophobic coating, and headphone jack, the Moto G5 Plus has a shiny finish that makes it look like more than what you pay for.

Oppo A57 phone

It’s hard to find major flaws on this inexpensive mid-range smartphone. It’s fast, has a good battery, and it takes great photos. Its features may be second to those of Moto G5 Plus, the Opo A57 is still a great value choice.

Do you have other budget smartphones in mind? Share your tips on how to get the best value smartphone in the comments section. 

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Quick and Simple Tips for Improving Your iPhone’s Battery Life

When choosing the best mobile phone deals, many consumers compare phones from different brands to know which features suit their needs. In general, the best phone to buy really depends on your requirements and financial capacity.

One of the many phones to choose from is the iPhone. Many people love using it, but while it has its fair share of good qualities, it also comes with some drawbacks. For instance, many mobile phone reviews state that an iPhone needs to be charged frequently. It’s such an inconvenience especially if you are always on the go. Ironically, most features of the iPhone are designed to enable you to do your tasks and other activities more quickly. But don’t give up on the iPhone just yet. Here are several tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone:

Use the Low Power mode

With this setting, your iPhone will turn off features that suck power, except of course the essential ones, as soon as the battery reaches 20%.  You don’t even have to wait for your battery life to hit 20%. Just go to Settings > Battery. Click the switch to ON to conserve battery.

Don’t use the vibrate mode

If your iPhone is on silent mode, you may want to keep the vibrate mode on, but otherwise, turn it off. It will help conserve battery life.

Keeping the Wi-Fi enabled at all times contributes to the fast battery life of your iPhone

This is because when you’re out and about, your phone will keep looking for Wi-Fi networks even if you don’t need one. Just swipe up from the bottom of any iOS screen to view the control center. Tap the Wi-Fi button to turn it off.

Turn on auto-brightness mode

Another culprit in battery drain is the increased screen brightness.  In general, your iPhone screen will need more light on a bright, sunny day than during night time. Turn on auto-brightness by going to Settings > Display & Brightness. Click the auto-brightness switch to ON so your iPhone will automatically adjust the brightness.

Stop using dynamic backgrounds

Wallpapers that have slight movements may look cool but these suck power from your battery.  Stick to still images as your background instead. To disable dynamic backgrounds, go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper. Select one from the stills section.

Got other ideas on how get the most out of your iPhone? Share your tips in the comments section.

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Compare Phones & Find the Best Phone to Buy with These Eight Tips

Not sure how to compare the best mobile phone deals? If you are like most people, buying a new phone can be both thrilling and depressing. You probably want good value, durability as well as functionality. But browsing through endless product descriptions that all offer amazing features and designs won’t always get you any closer to an answer. Reading technical specifications can be equally tiring and confusing. Who has time to figure out what a dual processor is after all?

Price is another issue that can make grey hairs appear on the head of even the most mobile phone savvy. Because how do you know which is the best value smartphone? Keep reading for a few good tips on how to compare phones and find the best low cost mobile phones in Australia.

1. Compare phones based on the price you would like to pay

What is your Australian budget? Sometimes it can make life easier to set an amount of money aside for your purchase and compare phones that fit within that budget. There is a fine balance between choosing something that’s out dated and something that is simply overpriced. Do you really need the latest model or would last year’s phone be fine, too? Look for a phone that has the desired functionality and still isn’t too pricy. It’s all about finding a balance when you compare mobile phones.

2. Could you love a dumb phone?

Most people want a smartphone these days but the old kind of “dumb” phone has also experienced a comeback. They are not for everyone, but they are worth looking into when you compare mobile phones.

Dumb phones don’t have touch screens, apps or internet. They can constitute a welcome break from technology and give you some well-deserved time away from social media and the constant being “on”. It’s cheaper, has longer battery life, is more durable and is smaller, so it can fit in any pocket. Dumb phones also have some pretty cool designs to choose between. And they have real, physical buttons. The thing that makes the dumb phone so attractive however is also the reason why many choose a smartphone instead: they can’t do anything. They don’t have any apps and no internet. You can’t open it and check the maps if you’re lost or read that very important email on the train. Some people would absolutely hate that while others would love it. If you want one of the most affordable cell phones, ask yourself: could you love a dumb phone?

3. Affordable cell phones that use Android or iOS

While the feud over iOS or Android might seem futile to you, it could save you money to think about it when you compare the best mobile phone deals. Boil it down to this: the older version of a specific phone you can get, the more money you’ll save, but the more out dated the operating system will be. Very old iOS models will be so out dated that it will be hard to get any apps for it, while Android doesn’t have the same problem. If you are buying a relatively recent version of your favourite smartphone, this isn’t really an issue. But if you do want to get an old – and cheaper – version, iOS could potentially cause some problems. That’s why it sometimes makes sense to check out the operating system when looking for the best value smartphone.

4. Compare mobile phones based on durability

Unfortunately, some mobile phones on the market today won’t last you a long time. Finding a durable phone will prevent another pricy purchase in the near future, so that is definitely worth looking into. A good way to compare the best mobile phone deals when it comes to durability is to read a bit about the phones on the internet. What do people say? Which phones are doing well in durability tests and which ones not so much? Mobile phone reviews and test sites are both valuable resources when trying to compare the most durable and affordable cell phones.

5. Make a quick search for the kind of phone you’re looking for

A really good way to get an overview of all the low cost mobile phones on the market is to simply type “compare” + the type of phone you are looking for into a search engine. If you want a smartphone with good battery life, try searching for “compare smartphones with good battery life”. And if you want the latest phone, try something like “latest cell phones”. There are tons of blogs testing phones based on different criteria.

If you are not sure what you want, you can also try to search for something generic like “Best smartphones”, “compare best mobile phone deals” or “best phone to buy”, and you will be able to find tests on that, too. That can help you to figure out what is really important to you. Is battery life a must-have for your next phone? Or maybe size or durability? These articles will mention things that can be hard to figure out from specifications alone, such as how the phone feels in the hand, if it lacks something vital or if something just isn’t working well.

6. Compare phones by reading mobile phone reviews

When you have narrowed down what kind of phone you would like, it can be a good idea to read a few mobile phone reviews. Reading smartphone reviews can help you find out if something is wrong with it. Maybe most customers think that the phone is slow or that the screen cracks too easily. Every phone will always have some bad reviews, but it’s a good method to find out what the general opinion is amongst customers, and if it’s still worth buying.

Videos are also a great way to check out your chosen phone in more detail. See if anyone has made un-boxing videos or reviews about it. Seeing the phone in someone else’s hand and hearing their thoughts can help you with your decision.

Not everyone has time to keep researching their new phone for ever, but even a few smartphone reviews or mobile phone reviews can help you get a clearer picture.

7. Consider warranty and repair when you compare mobile phones

You can save some money down the road by taking warranty and repair service into consideration. Some phones are notoriously hard to find parts for and don’t include any sort of repair service from the provider. It can pay off to buy your phone directly from a local shop where you know you can easily go down and have the phone exchanged or repaired. Sometimes, if you buy the phone from a middle man or from foreign websites, it can be harder to utilise the warranty.

Warranties and repair services is just one factor to consider when you compare the best mobile phone deals, but it can give financial peace of mind, especially if purchasing a pricier phone.

8. Which is the best phone to buy? Second hand versus new

If you don’t care about having the latest cell phones, second hand is also an option that could save you money. Preferably you should try to go for a newer version that isn’t too old so it can last you a decent amount of time. Lots of people keep updating regularly, so it’s entirely possible to find an almost new phone second hand. It’s a great way to get good value for a better price. Just make sure to turn it on and play around with it a bit before making the purchase, so you are sure it’s working.

Buying a very old second hand phone might save you money in the moment, but will be more likely to break or run on out dated software in a few months’ time. So make sure you are investing in a decent quality phone.

How to buy low cost mobile phones

Buying affordable mobile phones isn’t just about going with the lowest price. It’s about comparing your budget with the kind of features you would like as well as finding a phone that will still be working in half a year. It’s not always easy to compare mobile phones, but using common sense and researching well is a big part of finding the best value smartphone.
However not everyone wants the latest cell phones. An old fashioned dumb phone can be a great alternative if you don’t need internet, email, maps and so on. It might even be a welcome relief for some people who would like fewer distractions in their lives. A dumb phone is usually also more durable and has better battery life.

No matter what phone you want, whether it’s a dumb phone, a second hand phone or one of the latest cell phones, the trick is to research well. If you want a smartphone, read as many smartphone reviews as you can. Start broad, then narrow down when you have found a few possible options. Reading smartphone reviews and watching unboxing videos can help you find out if the phone you’d like to purchase is also really worth it.

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The Top 10 Free Apps You Should Get for Your iPhone.

Get more from you iPhone. These apps will help you save money, be smarter or find a toilet when you really need one.

Where would we be without our trusty smartphones? Countless cat videos would be missed on YouTube, breaking news wouldn’t be heard until 6pm, and the bus ride home just wouldn’t go as fast without a senseless game to numb the mind.

While reading the news, watching videos and playing games are fine, best  smartphones can actually do some really handy things. Here are ten free apps that are genuinely useful and you should get:


This app tells you where the cheapest fuel is near to you. You can save your favourite locations and receive alerts in the app when fuel is cheap.


Pocketbook tracks your spending and automate recording from your bank accounts. It will automatically assign expenses to categories so you can see where your money is going without wasting hours recording things.

Australian National Public Toilet Map

Has the location of all public toilets in Australia. You just never know when this one might come in handy… Check it out here.

Calorie King

Want to know the nutritional information of a product? Calorie King is an Australian tailored database of food products with lots of nutrition information. Check it out here.


Helps you start investing by redirecting ‘loose change’ from your transactions into an investment portfolio. Great place to start if you an absolute newbie at investing. Check it out here.

Google translate

If you’re heading overseas try taking this app with you. Translations can are displayed as either text or play as audio. Sure, doing charades is a fun way to communicate when you don’t know the language, but if you want an easier option; try Google Translate.


Reusing passwords is bad practice. Lastpass is one of many password management apps which will store passwords for all your different online logins. With LastPass, you can have a strong and unique password for each login, and only need to remember one.

Grocery Run

Search for non-perishable grocery items that are on sale or reduced, then purchase them in the app. Once bought, they will be conveniently delivered straight to your door. Save on your groceries, with Grocery Run.

Trolley Saver

Another one to save you money at the supermarket. Trolleysaver links your shopping list to online catalogues to find you the lowest price for each item.


Here’s something to make you smarter! Duolingo helps you learn a second language for free. Choose from all the major languages and learn through games to make the experience fun.

If you want to get more out of your iPhone, try some of these apps. They will help save you time and money, or maybe even help you strike up a conversation in French.

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Apple or Android – What are the Key Differences?

These days there seems to be an endless list of options when it comes to mobile phones in Australia. If you’re planning to buy one anytime soon, how do you decide which is the best phone to buy? For most of us, we tend to compare phones by looking at their various features. One of the deciding factors is the operating system, the most popular of which are Apple (iOS) and Android.

Android seems to be a more popular choice among those who have technical know-how, those who use a great deal of Google’s online products. On the other hand, people who have experience with Apple products such as iPad and MacBook obviously lean towards smartphones with Apple operating system.

Between Apple and Android, you can find other key differences in features such as availability to a range of devices, ease of use, and flexibility. Let’s compare mobile phones by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of these major operating systems:

Availability to a range of devices

  • Apple – You’ll find that the range of devices is limited. You also have limited options when it comes to colours.
  • Android – It is available on a wide range of devices, so it will be easy for you to find one that meets your needs and budget.

Ease of use

  • Apple – You can count on it for its simplicity. Even if you’re not into techy stuff, you’ll see that Apple is very user-friendly. It’s easy to navigate, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. 2 year old’s through to 80 year old’s can use Apple.
  • Android – This is not the operating system that comes to mind as far as simplicity is concerned. Unless you’re really into smartphones, it may take a while before you get used to this platform.


  • Apple – If making your phone personalised is what you’re after, then Apple is not for you. You can go as far as changing your screen display and adding your photo.
  • Android – It offers more flexibility as it can give you an array of options to set your phone the way you want to work. Whether you need to use a different keyboard or configure your own phone, Android is flexible enough to allow changes to customise your phone.

These are just some of the differences between Apple and Android. If you’re looking for the best value smartphone for you, take time to compare mobile phones. After all, they usually don’t come cheap so make sure it’s worth your hard-earned money. You may also want to check mobile phone reviews and ask friends who already have experience with Apple and/or Android.

Do you have other tips on how to get the best value smartphone in Australia? You can share your ideas in the comments section below.

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