September 21, 2018

How to Save Money on the Gym by Using Youtube to Exercise

YouTube is a great place to find challenging exercise classes. Just mind you don’t get distracted by all the cat videos.

Staying fit is important for staying healthy and feeling good. While there are many reasons why people don’t exercise, the cost of doing so is a legitimate one. Personal trainers, gym memberships, and exercise classes in Australia are expensive and can add quite a bit to your ‘fixed costs’.

Fortunately, you don’t need any of these things to exercise. You can always go for a run, do you own circuit class, or play some sport for staying healthy and saving money. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get motivated without a formal class or know what to do if you’re a beginner.

That is where YouTube comes in.

YouTube workouts

Did you know that YouTube is the second most common place people go to search for something on the internet? This makes perfect sense when you think about it. Why spend 20 minutes reading a detail description of how to bake a cake when a video can show you how to do it, in a fraction of the time?

There are an infinite number of workout videos on YouTube. Whether you want to do yoga, a boot camp style session, or a classic Jane Fonder aerobic class, you can find it on YouTube.

Benefits of YouTube workouts

Watching a video can also help you stay focused and motivated. It is all too easy to just give up or cut things short when you are making things up for yourself. But, if you have someone telling you what to do, you are much more likely to do it.

It also saves you time. No driving to the gym, getting unpacked or wasting time talking to the receptionist.


Of course, one of the biggest benefits of a gym is that it has all the nice equipment. While the machines are prohibitively expensive to buy, you should be able to find a basic set of weights and a mat relatively inexpensively.

Most videos understand that people are doing them at home and don’t require you to have any special equipment. If you do need something, you could try DIYing. It’s simple to make a kettle bell or install a chin up bar.

The other benefit of a gym is that group exercise is way more fun and effective. But, just because you’re exercising to a video doesn’t means you must do it alone. If you want to take your YouTube workouts to the next level; watch them in a group!

If you have little experience, it’s worth checking out some ‘how to’ video for different exercises, and then trying them in front of a mirror (not so you can check yourself out, but so you can see if you’re doing the movement correctly!).

If you’re comfortable with most movements, then go right ahead and start using YouTube as your trainer/class instructor. You’ll save some serious money and get the same result as going to a gym in Australia.

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