February 25, 2018

Top 4 Tips for Using Your Mobile Phone Overseas

When overseas, whether for business or pleasure, being able to use your mobile phone is helpful in staying connected. Most phone companies offer an international roaming service which will let you use your mobile phone while in a different country – with a fee, of course. This feature may vary depending on the phone company so, when buying a phone, make sure to compare mobile plans and see if this service is being offered.

Here are some tips for using your mobile overseas:

Tip #1: Know if you can use international roaming

Check with your mobile phone plan provider if you can use international roaming in your destination. Note that your phone will not work automatically in every country. To avoid inconvenience later, ask your provider if you can use your phone overseas. In some cases, they can activate international roaming even before you leave for your trip.

Tip #2: Know the charges involved

It’s more expensive to use your mobile phone in a different country.  There are higher charges when you make calls within a country that you’re visiting, calls back to Australia, send SMSs, and use data services. Make sure to ask your phone company about the international roaming charges to avoid being surprised when you see your bill after your trip.

Tip #3: Buy a local SIM card

It can be cheaper to use a local SIM card at your destination. You can buy one at airports and some establishments. Just make sure to inform your family and friends about your local number so they can contact you.

Tip #4: Use Wi-Fi

In this day and age when staying online has become an essential thing, many areas have Wi-Fi hotspots. If you don’t like to deal with international roaming charges, look for a Wi-Fi hotspot in your destination, turn off global roaming on your phone, and connect with family and friends through social media and apps such as Skype and WhatsApp. In many cases, hotels and local coffee shops have Wi-Fi hotspots.

Before using your mobile phone overseas, make sure that you know what your phone company will be charging you when you need to make and receive calls and messages as well as when you use data on your phone or tablet.

Again, when you’re buying a new phone and you know that you’ll be travelling outside the country, compare mobile phone plans and choose one that lets you use international roaming.

Do you have other ideas on mobile phone plans and tips for using your mobile phone overseas? You can share your tips in the comments section.

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