October 19, 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Expensive Clothes for Kids

Your kids may look really cute in those expensive clothes you see in the mall in Australia or online. With many parenting responsibilities and household expenses, is it worth it to pay a hundred dollars for a trendy sweater your child will soon outgrow or stain?

We’ve gathered reasons why buying expensive clothes for your kids may not be practical at all.

They grow quickly

On an average, a pre-adolescence kid aged 6-10 can grow about 5-8 cm and about 2-3 kg each year. Their feet can grow 1mm per month in length. Just imagine if you’ve bought them a pair of designer shoes worth $100 and very quickly they won’t be able to wear them anymore.

They may look undoubtedly adorable in them, but it’s more practical to go cheaper with clothes and shoes at around this age. Go to Target or Kmart and save yourself some money!

They dirty them

It’s common parenting knowledge that kids love to play in the dirt! Children seeks out all kinds of textures. Painting is another fun activity. Your 6-year-old’s designer clothing can be a waste of money if he or she frequently dirties them, and over time the clothes’ condition will get distressed and lose its quality.

Nobody can tell the difference between designer and Kmart

Why pay so much money for a pair of jeans or shoes that your kids will outgrow in a few months or so? Kmart offers a wide variety of inexpensive clothes, and your young kids will not even mind if they are wearing designer or not. Don’t spend lots of money on clothes and shoes just because your kids look cute in them. There are cheaper alternatives that will look equally as good.

It’s expensive

Expensive clothes are exactly that – expensive! The price of the clothes and shoes does not always dictate quality and durability. If you’re planning on buying your kids something that you want to last for a while, it’s more important that you select something that will actually stand the test of time. Quality and durability doesn’t need to be expensive when you know what you’re looking for.

There are many practical parenting strategies you can use for you to save money on your young kids’ clothes, such as mixing and matching outfits and shoes, buying clothes that are one size up, purchasing play clothes exclusively for play time, renting clothes for special occasions, and many more.

How do you save money buying clothes for your kids in Australia? Leave a comment.

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