September 21, 2018

Top 5 Parenting Blogs You Should Read

Parents face a lot of tasks and challenges every day. First and foremost, you need to provide at least the basic daily needs of your kids. Whether you have at least one source of income or are receiving parenting payment, managing your finances can be a real challenge. This is just one of the almost endless list of things that most parents think about.

As much as you want to believe that you have everything under control at all times, it may not be true sometimes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new parent or raising teenagers. There will be instances when you need some guidance or tips on how to make things work. The good thing is, there are many parenting blogs out there. Obviously, these blogs cater to parents and/or would-be parents. Bloggers share their experiences and tips as parents or main carers of a child.

Here are five parenting blogs that you can read:

Planning with Kids

The woman behind this blog is Nicole who has four sons and one daughter. In her blog, she shares a lot of what’s happening in their lives on a daily basis, from meal planning to doing household chores, playtime and family activities. She’s a believer in having a daily plan to reduce the chances of getting disappointed, frustrated, or overwhelmed.


How to Be a Dad

In this parenting blog, Charlie Capen and Andy Herald use wit and humour when sharing their lists and instructional diagrams on how to be a parent. It’s also for soon-to-be parents, giving you tips on how “not” to do certain things.


Mummy to Twins

Raising a kid is hard enough, but imaging having twins! How about three kids? This blog was renamed Mummy to Twins Plus One after Suzanne gave birth to her son. She uses her blog to share her personal stories and how to have a community for parents of twins. One of her articles, Making a Safer World for Kids, even became viral!


Out With The Kids (OWTK)

Jeff Bogle is the voice of Out With The Kids. This is where he shares photos and stories about his two daughters.  He also covers recipes and funny parenting experiences.


My Mummy Daze by Fi

In this blog, parents are reminded that while being parents is overwhelming, the emotional ride as well as the challenges are normal. Parents will learn some tips on how to overcome certain negative emotions that can come with raising kids.


Do you know other parenting blogs that are worth looking into? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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Top Financial Planning Tips for Single Parents

It’s challenging enough for couples to raise a family and manage finances, and it becomes even more difficult for single parents. As a single mum or dad, you need to do everything on your own, particularly managing your budget to ensure that your child’s needs are well taken care of. If you’re looking for tips on financial planning, here are some things that you may want to consider:

Know all of your entitlements

Ask Centrelink about the entitlements designed for single parents. If you are caring for at least one child who is below eight years old, you will get a parenting payment. Young parents (below 19 years old) will also receive additional assistance.

Likewise, an increase to the Family Tax Benefit Part A was introduced by Centrelink to aid single parents in handling the costs of raising teenagers. You need all the help that you can get so make sure to be familiar with parenting payment and other forms of assistance for single parents.

Create a comprehensive budget

Know how much money comes in and where it goes. Be realistic so you can stick to your budget. List down the amount of money needed to cover expenses such as mortgage, loan repayments, food, school fees, child care, clothes, insurance, and utility bills.

Consider work and study options

As a single mum or dad, you need to earn enough money to provide for you and your child’s needs, but it can be a challenge. You can look for courses to learn skills that will make you qualified for a better-paying job.

Save and invest

Having an emergency fund is essential, more so if you’re a single parent. While saving and investing may be difficult, try to save and invest even a small amount, then do it regularly. Eventually, you’ll have savings that you can use for an unexpected expense or to make a major purchase.

Take care of yourself

As they always say, “you can’t pour from an empty cup.” You cannot earn money and take care of your child if you are always sick. Being a single parent can also be lonely as the loss of a partner to share decision-making and responsibilities with can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. But you can cope with the situation by staying fit and healthy. Have a positive outlook in life so you can perform better at work and be healthy emotionally.

Got other financial planning tips for single parents? Share your ideas in the comments section.

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9 Parenting Products that You will Love

Parents and would-be parents need a lot of products designed to help them in taking care of their kids. There are so many parenting products nowadays that finding the items that you need may be overwhelming. The cost is another consideration. While there are branded items that can be really expensive, there are products that are still within the budget. For parents who are getting parenting payments, you’ll find a range of items that are both affordable and of good quality.

In this list, we’ve rounded up nine parenting products that you will surely love:

1. Nursing covers

Breastfeeding is an essential part of being a parent. In general, newborns need to be breastfed up to 12 times a day. If you’re outside of the house, make sure to bring a nursing cover with you so you can breastfeed your baby conveniently.

2. Nursing bras and tops

And since you need to breastfeed multiple times a day, make it easier by wearing a nursing bra or top. This provides quick access for feeding.

3. Breast pump

This is a great parenting product for working moms and/or those who have a low milk supply. A breast pump will help ensure that your baby is well-fed throughout the day, whether you’re with your kid or not.

4. Nursing pillow

Just like babies who need to be comfortable at all times, mums also need and deserve to nurse and take care of their babies comfortably. A nursing pillow will help you to achieve that.

5. Disposable diapers

Some mothers prefer cloth diapers, while others opt for disposable diapers for ease and convenience. There is a wide range of disposable diapers to suit varying baby needs.

6. Diaper cream

Keep diaper rash at bay by using diaper cream. Of course, parents don’t want their babies to deal with rashes from several diapers worn in a day, so it’s a must to have diaper cream in your arsenal of parenting products.

7. Baby monitor

Baby monitors have been around for decades and nowadays, they come with various features that enable parents to monitor their baby while they’re not in the room or doing other tasks around the house.

8. Baby carrier

Baby carriers come in different styles and features, but all of them are designed to safely carry your baby and enable you to do other things.

9. Sippy cup

Babies grow up so fast and before you know it, you’ll have a toddler. Introduce liquids to your kid with a sippy cup, a spill-proof drinking cup specially designed for toddlers as they shift from bottles to cups.

There are so many parenting products that parents and would-be parents love. Got other ideas? Share them in the comments section.

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How to Use to Earn Money while on Maternity Leave

In Australia, the parenting payment refers to the income support which is given to parents or guardians to assist in expenses of raising children. While this is helpful, there may be instances when it is not sufficient, especially for mums who are on maternity leave. Of course, returning to work is the best option, but if you want to extend your maternity leave, you may need to generate extra income.

One money-making tip is to use This is an online marketplace designed for handmade products and vintage items and supplies. Millions of buyers in Australia and around the world shop at for unique items and other great finds. So if you are good at making handmade items, might be a good option for you!

How can you use to earn money while you’re on maternity leave? Here are some things you need to know:

Understand the selling fees

While joining and starting an online shop at are free of charge, there are basic selling fees to take into account: listing fee, transaction fee, as well as payment processing fee.

Know what can be sold

You cannot just sell anything you want at You can sell items that you made and designed. You can also sell vintage items which are at least 20 years old. Another product category is craft supplies which can be ingredients, tools or any other materials that are needed to create handmade products. Reselling is not allowed.

Use PayPal as the payment method

You can get paid for your items through PayPal. It is an online payment processing facility that is widely used for online transactions. It is a good idea to use a PayPal account since a personal account has monthly receiving limits.

Be an honest seller

Selling items online means buyers will rely primarily on the product information and photos that you will provide. An accurate representation of your shop and products is therefore very important, so provide correct information and photos about your items.

Provide excellent customer service

To have a successful business venture at, be true to your word when it comes to what you tell buyers. Maintain the trust with them by delivering the items on the agreed time, and address any concerns as soon as you can.  

If your parenting payment is not sufficient for your basic essentials, there are so many ways to earn money while you are on maternity leave. Consider using It can help with your daily finances while taking care of your newborn.

Got other tips for mums on parenting payments and how to generate extra income while on maternity leave? You can share your ideas and experiences in the comments section.

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