October 17, 2018

How to Save Money on Your Next Hotel Stay

Staying in a hotel is an essential part of the travel experience. However, they are not cheap! But by spending some time researching for the best prices, you can find some great deals on hotel rooms and have cheap holidays. Here are some great techniques to assist you in saving some money on your next hotel stay.

Stick to your budget

Advertisements have a great way of enticing you to spend that extra dollar. Don’t do it! Decide on the amount of money that you are willing to spend and stick to it. Otherwise, you will only regret it later when the credit card bill arrives!

To work out your budget, you will need to decide what conveniences, comforts and other variables that you want from your hotel. Will you be looking for things such as meals included or sky television etc.


If you want to save money on your hotel stay, you may have to take your vacation during a time of the year when prices are cheaper. During the peak seasons don’t expect too much of a discount. Travelling during the off-season is a lot cheaper and it is also a lot less crowded allowing you to better enjoy your vacation.

Loyalty card programs

Hotels often have chains, if you have decided that there is a particular place that you like to stay at, join their loyalty card program where you earn points every time you stay. When you have collected a certain amount of points, you automatically become eligible for a discount.


If you want to stay in the city where all the action is, then expect to pay more money. Staying outside the city which is often only a few miles away will be a lot cheaper. The trick is not to stay too far or too close to the city. If you stay too far, you will have to pay for transportation which can get costly if you plan on travelling every day.

Credit card offers

There are several credit cards that are affiliated with hotel reward programs. When you pay for products using your card, you are awarded points that go towards a free hotel stay. When you use your credit card at the affiliated hotel, you receive double points.

You should also keep in mind that spending excessively on your credit card so that you can get more points for a free hotel stay is counterproductive. If you do decide to get a travel rewards card, make sure that you are careful with your spending.

Got any tips on how to save money? We’d love to hear from you in our comments section!



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