September 24, 2018

7 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is exciting but you need to be level-headed about the costs involved. You don’t want the aftermath of your big day to be a big debt. Here are some tips to know early in your planning to save money on your wedding.

Set a budget

Before you even start planning your wedding work out who is going to pay for what. Are your parents paying for the wedding? Will the bride’s family be paying for the venue while the groom’s family will be paying for the catering? Are you paying for the entire wedding yourselves?

If you set a budget, then you can work out where to shave costs in order to meet it.

Take your time

Set a date well ahead to give yourself enough time to research all the best options and get the best possible deals on everything from the venue to the photographer.

Book off-peak

Booking your venue out of peak season can save hundreds of dollars, as can planning your wedding for a weekday rather than a weekend. Plan your wedding for a time of year that also coincides with an off-peak or shoulder season at your honeymoon destination in order to save even more.

Look for alternatives to traditional wedding venues

Do you know someone with a beautiful garden who would let you hire a marquee and hold your wedding at their home? What alternative venues are available in your area? Town halls, community halls and even boatsheds are often hired out for events at remarkably cheap rates then you can shop around for caterers and florists.

Holding your wedding at a restaurant is another option that can work out to be cheaper than a wedding venue.

Hold the wedding ceremony and reception at the same place

Holding the ceremony and reception at the same place not only saves on hire car costs, but you are also in a better position to negotiate with the venue to get better discounts. The more you are willing to spend at the one venue, the more valuable to become to them. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, after all it is very likely they would prefer all of your business, not just some of it.

Keep a lid on the guest list

Yes, you want to invite absolutely everyone to your wedding but be realistic. Keep the list down to your nearest and dearest. Your 20 cousins on your mother’s side of the family will understand if you can’t invite them all.

Ask for services in lieu of wedding gifts

Are you inviting a great hairdresser, make-up artist, photographer or florist to your wedding? Don’t be afraid to ask them to give their services on the day rather than buying you a wedding gift.

Maybe you are inviting someone who owns a particularly classy classic car who could loan it to you for use as the bridal car in lieu of giving a gift.

By considering your options and doing your research early in the planning process you can save money on your wedding while still ensuring it’s super stylish, romantic and very, very special.

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