October 19, 2018

How to Save Money when Buying an Engagement Ring

A wedding is an important event in one’s life. Most people in Australia, spend a lot of time planning to have the wedding of their dreams. Obviously, it also costs a lot of money. There are so many elements that come into play and when you add everything up, you’ll face huge expenses.

But if you’re on a tight wedding budget, you can still have a wonderful, picture-perfect affair. You just need to look at elements where you can save money. One of these is the engagement ring. Here are some practical ways to save money when buying an engagement ring:

Consider non-diamond options

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend and have become part of the wedding tradition, but with the hefty price tag, you may want to consider a gemstone or birth stone for an engagement ring. White sapphire and ruby can be practical alternatives for those who are on a tight wedding budget. Look around for stunning non-diamond options so you can save money.

Lower the colour grade and clarity

Should you still opt for a diamond engagement ring, you can still save money by getting a lower grade of colour as well as clarity. The key here is to choose a ring that looks great, and a diamond engagement ring with a lower colour grade will appear just as good as the one with a higher grade and clarity. No one will know the difference and it will not hurt your wedding budget.

Reduce a fraction of a carat

For your wedding on a budget, another money-saving tip is to subtract a fraction of a carat. You can get significant savings just by choosing a 0.9-carat stone compared to a 1-carat stone. There really is no huge difference on appearance between them.

Purchase an engagement ring from a wholesaler

Sure, it’s nice to go from one chain jeweler to another as you search for that perfect engagement ring. But going to a name-brand retailer can mean overpaying because of the brand. Instead, buy from a wholesaler that offers great engagement rings at much lower prices.

Buy one online

Another way to save money is to buy an engagement ring online. Many people prefer this since the prices are normally lower, considering the tougher competition among online retailers and they have less overhead compared to traditional stores. Just make sure to choose an online jeweler that can give you digital images of the stones and is available through different communication channels.

Got other cheap wedding ideas in Australia? Share your tips on how to stick to your wedding budget in the comments section.

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Creative Ways to Save Money and Have Awesome Wedding Invitations

Weddings in Australia can be costly. There are so many expenses related to a wedding that everything adds up and before you know it, it has become a very expensive affair. One of these costs is the printed wedding invitations which, in itself, can also be expensive.

For the money-conscious, this is not an option. But don’t worry. Not having a huge wedding budget does not mean that you cannot have nice invitations and the wedding of your dreams. With some creativity, you can have a wedding on a budget that’s nothing short of magnificent!

Here are some budget wedding ideas:

Make your own invites

There’s nothing more touching and personal than creating your own wedding invitations. Visit a local stationery shop where you can buy a wide selection of papers, envelopes, and accessories. The DIY route is way cheaper than hiring a supplier to make the invites for you.

Enlist the help of artistic friends

If being arty just isn’t your thing, you can ask friends who are into calligraphy, graphic design or scrapbooking to work on the design elements of your wedding invitations. You can also ask family and friends to do other tasks such as putting the invites inside the envelopes or arranging the cards.

Skip the paper invites

Sure, printed wedding invitations are a wonderful souvenir, but how many of your guests will actually keep them? Consider sending digital invitations instead. There are so many websites nowadays that let you create electronic invites and send them online. All you need is a list of email addresses of your guests. You’ll also save money on postage and help save the environment.

Keep it simple

Should you decide to hire a supplier, keeping the design simple will dramatically reduce costs. Engraving and embossed accents can cost a lot more so you may want to skip them. When you look at design inspirations, you’ll realise that a minimalist design, when done right, can have a huge impact.

Edit and proofread

With all the excitement and anxiety of seeing the first draft, you may miss some text errors. If this happens, you will be forced to reprint, leading to additional cost and waste of paper. It can also affect your schedule in sending them out. Make sure to read it again and again and have someone else check everything.

Final Thought

Awesome invitations don’t have to be a financial burden! Be creative and find ways to save money on your invites so you can have more cash for the rest of your wedding.

Got other budget wedding ideas? You can share your tips in the comments section below.

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