October 20, 2018

Tips on Finding Your Lost Smartphone

Smartphones have become part of our basic necessities that it is hard to live without one. However, these high-tech devices that easily fit our pockets are also easily misplaced or worse, get stolen. Imagine putting your life in a small box then all of a sudden, you can’t find it, not to mention the amount of money you’ve invested on such device.

Luckily, modern technology has developed solutions to locate our lost smartphones. Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS are the two leading mobile operating systems that are continuously providing us with the newest smartphone technology. Both have given us ways, or apps, to retrieve and protect lost devices. When you compare mobile phones, you may want to check for features that will enable you to track your phone when you lose it or gets stolen.

You need to take some simple steps first to make sure that your smartphone can be tracked remotely.

For Android users:

Go to Google Settings > Security > activate “Remotely locate this device”, so when an unfortunate incident strikes, your phone can provide the information of its whereabouts. When that happens, you need log in at android.com/find and locate your phone at any given time.

“Find My Device” is a Google app that enables you to manage your smartphone remotely. It is built directly into your Android phone so all you have to do is activate it. When you search your lost phone through Google, you can change your password, or make your phone ring, along with other notification functions. If you’re unable to find your phone, this app lets you wipe it of your sensitive information. But keep in mind that these measures will only work if your lost phone is turned on and has internet access.

For Apple users:

If it is an iPhone that you’ve lost, the process is similar to that of an Android device. If your iPhone is still in your possession, make sure it’s ready for remote tracking. First, go to Settings > iCloud > activate “Find My Iphone”.

You also need to turn on your “Location Services” in the Privacy settings. iCloud helps you get your iPhone back and protect it from unauthorized use. With “Activation Lock”, your information is safe and usage of the device is next to impossible. The same with Android, your iPhone is displayed on a map. You can also make it ring or play a sound, and the best part, erase all of your personal information remotely. This IOS feature is also built-in on all IOS devices such as iPod Touch, iPad, or Mac.

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