September 18, 2018

The Top 10 Free Apps You Should Get for Your iPhone.

Get more from you iPhone. These apps will help you save money, be smarter or find a toilet when you really need one.

Best value smartphones can actually do some really handy things.

Where would we be without our trusty smartphones? Countless cat videos would be missed on YouTube, breaking news wouldn’t be heard until 6pm, and the bus ride home just wouldn’t go as fast without a senseless game to numb the mind.

While reading the news, watching videos and playing games are fine, best  smartphones can actually do some really handy things. Here are ten free apps that are genuinely useful and you should get:


This app tells you where the cheapest fuel is near to you. You can save your favourite locations and receive alerts in the app when fuel is cheap.


Pocketbook tracks your spending and automate recording from your bank accounts. It will automatically assign expenses to categories so you can see where your money is going without wasting hours recording things.

Australian National Public Toilet Map

Has the location of all public toilets in Australia. You just never know when this one might come in handy… Check it out here.

Calorie King

Want to know the nutritional information of a product? Calorie King is an Australian tailored database of food products with lots of nutrition information. Check it out here.


Helps you start investing by redirecting ‘loose change’ from your transactions into an investment portfolio. Great place to start if you an absolute newbie at investing. Check it out here.

Google translate

If you’re heading overseas try taking this app with you. Translations can are displayed as either text or play as audio. Sure, doing charades is a fun way to communicate when you don’t know the language, but if you want an easier option; try Google Translate.


Reusing passwords is bad practice. Lastpass is one of many password management apps which will store passwords for all your different online logins. With LastPass, you can have a strong and unique password for each login, and only need to remember one.

Grocery Run

Search for non-perishable grocery items that are on sale or reduced, then purchase them in the app. Once bought, they will be conveniently delivered straight to your door. Save on your groceries, with Grocery Run.

Trolley Saver

Another one to save you money at the supermarket. Trolleysaver links your shopping list to online catalogues to find you the lowest price for each item.


Here’s something to make you smarter! Duolingo helps you learn a second language for free. Choose from all the major languages and learn through games to make the experience fun.

If you want to get more out of your iPhone, try some of these apps. They will help save you time and money, or maybe even help you strike up a conversation in French.

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