October 17, 2018

Entertainment Features in a Mobile Plan

Staying in touch with our loved ones, friends, and work is the main reason why we have a phone in the first place. Nowadays, a mobile phone is so important that it’s quite hard to get through the day without it. Aside from calling and sending text messages, you can do other things like storing information, taking pictures, watching videos, playing video games, keeping track of your calendar, staying updated with news, etc.

The entertainment part attracts a lot of phone users which is why most mobile phone plans these days offer a range of entertainment features that meet different requirements.

Here are the common features that mobile phone plans usually offer:

Social Media

As sociable human beings, it’s great to be able to access social media accounts through our mobile phones. Sharing photos on Instagram, saying anything on Twitter, or browsing posts of our friends on Facebook are easily done in an instant through our mobile phones. For instance, Moose Mobile gives you 500MB data for about $8 per month with their Moose 8 SIM plan, while OPTUS My Prepaid Daily Plus offers 500MB data for a minimum of $10. These plans include calls and SMS.

Gaming and Watching Videos

Our busy day-to-day lives usually don’t give us the luxury of  turning on our TVs or gaming consoles and watching for a long time. The beauty of a mobile phone plan is that it allows us to watch our favourite shows or play video games wherever we go, keeping us entertained while commuting or taking a break from work. Playing online games and watching videos have become such important functions in mobile phone plans that brands keep coming up with entertainment features that cater to the needs of different users.

However, these functions may require a hefty amount of data. With OPTUS’s $10 SIM Starter kit, you can get 15GB for seven days. Vaya’s data-only plan gives you 5GB for $19 per month, or 15GB for $39 per month. OVO Mobile has 5GB for $19.95 per month, and 15GB for $39.95 per month.

Most mobile phone plans have these entertainment features, but there are other plans that offer more. It’s all about finding which plan has the features that you need and prefer, and ensuring that you get what you’re paying for. Do your research and compare mobile phone plans to help you decide.

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