September 24, 2018

Tips to Save You Money on Mobile Phone Charges When You Go Overseas

Travelling overseas can make you a happier person with new experiences and new memories. It allows you to meet new people, break from your daily routine, and discover the rich culture and history of the country you visited. When you are travelling you will want to share these memories with friends and family back home.

There are websites you can go to that compares mobile phone plans in Australia that will be helpful.

We have come up with some saving tips you may want to consider so you can update your friends and post your vacation photos instantly without going into debt with your mobile phone plan.

Compare Mobile Plans

Before leaving home, it’s important to select the best value mobile plan that meets your needs and that will also fit within your budget. There are websites you can go to that compares mobile phone plans in Australia that will be helpful, to ensure that you choose the best plan before you leave the country. Also find out if your existing mobile phone provider offers packages that gives you cheap data limits as well as calls and texts while you are travelling.

Download Important Apps Before You Leave  

Prepare beforehand by downloading things you need such as maps. Also before you leave make sure all of your phone apps are up to date, so you aren’t downloading updates while travelling. You should also turn off automatic updates and push notifications to avoid charges on your mobile phone plan.

Turn off Your Data Roaming

This is the most essential thing you can do to save yourself from a huge amount of international data bills. Turn off your data roaming! You may already know how to do this, if you’re an Apple user, go to Settings, click on Cellular and slide Data Roaming off. For Android users, go to Settings, Wireless Controls, tap Mobile Networks then uncheck Data Roaming.

Use Wi-Fi Instead

To avoid international roaming charges, opt to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Many hotels, restaurants, malls, and cafes offers free Wi-Fi nowadays. You can communicate with your family and friends via apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, or other messaging apps.

Buy a Local Prepaid SIM

To get a cheap phone plan, you can buy a local prepaid sim when you arrive at the airport. This is about 90% cheaper depending on the country, and making calls to local numbers won’t hurt your pocket.

Saving money on your mobile phone charges when you go oversea is possible when you know where you can get the best value of mobile phone plan. With more research, and even talking with your friends who are frequent travellers can give you an idea on where to find a cheap phone plan. Have you got more phone plan strategies to save money on travel overseas? Share with us in the comment section below!

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