September 23, 2018

Is Netflix Worth the Money?

If you love watching movies and TV series, then you may have heard of Netflix which is an awesome addition to the internet TV space in Australia. It is a Subscription Video on Demand service that enables viewers to watch a wide selection of movies and TV series from different genres with an internet-connected device. What’s great about the online streaming TV format is that you can watch any movie or TV show anytime, on different devices.

Australian viewers can still spend a lot of hours streaming TV online with more than a thousand movies and show available.

Is Netflix worth the money? Here are five reasons why:

Netflix offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows

While the library of Netflix Australia is way smaller compared to its counterpart in the US, Australian viewers can still spend a lot of hours streaming TV online with more than a thousand movies and show available. That’s a lot of hours of content to get through!

You can try it for one month free of charge

Not sure yet if internet TV suits you? With Netflix, you can try it for one month – for free! If you find that you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription at no cost.

You can use more than one device.

If you decide to buy the premium package of Netflix Australia, you can have up to four devices streaming TV online at a given time. This is obviously ideal for families.

Netflix is compatible with almost any internet-connected device

Compatibility will not be an issue when you have Netflix. It will work well with a smart TV, tablet, computer, and smartphone. It is likewise compatible with Google Chromecast and Apple TV.

It comes with three plans for any budget

Aside from the free one-month subscription, Netflix offers value for money with its three plans that cater to your needs and budget. A basic package costs about $8.99 per month that lets you use one device. A standard package costs $11.99 and enables you to use two devices at once. For the premium package, you will pay $14.99 every month and it allows up to four devices at the same time. That’s a lot of TV for you and the family!

With the growing popularity of Netflix and internet TV in general, it will come as no surprise that more and more titles will be added and more features will be introduced to make internet TV entertainment more fun and enjoyable for the whole family.

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