COVID disaster payment boosted to $750

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on July 28, 2021
COVID disaster payment boosted to $750

On Wednesday the COVID 'disaster payment' was boosted again, this time up to $750 per week for those who have lost 20+ hours' worth of work.

Those who have lost between eight and 20 hours' worth of work can receive up to $450 per week. 

The figure of $750 is the equivalent of the height of JobKeeper, which was $1,500 per fortnight, though JobKeeper filtered through businesses and not the individual.

According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the new national payment rate will commence 2 August, and will automatically apply for those in the Services Australia system.

"Our Government will continue to support Australians facing the economic consequences of extended lockdowns," Mr Morrison said.

"The Commonwealth Government, through Services Australia, has processed more than 955,000 COVID Disaster Payment claims, paying out more than $490 million to workers in New South Wales and Victoria."

There will be no liquid assets test applied, and applicants do not need to run down their annual leave balances. 

Eligible areas must be declared a Commonwealth COVID hotspot. 

Individuals who already receive support through Services Australia - such as JobSeeker recipients -  will receive an additional weekly payment of up to $200 if they can also demonstrate they've lost more than eight hours of work.

Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) CEO Dr Cassandra Goldie welcomed the $200 payments, but said the scheme still 'abandons' those with with the very least.

"For all its talk of us all being in this together, the Government is dividing communities by providing financial support to some and leaving others who have the least behind them facing destitution on $44 a day," Dr Goldie said.

"The Government is again abandoning those who need the support the most – people living on JobSeeker at $44 a day who have being trying to find paid work but have not been able to secure it."

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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