Editorial Guidelines

Who is is a digital publisher whose primary purpose is to help everyday Australians save money. Whether it be to help people get those savings ‘up-front’ when they buy something, or the cumulative savings made over time which help people to build their future position, was born out of the growing need for practical and common sense ways to save. is part of the Firstmac Group. Firstmac is a challenger in the market with more than $12 billion in loans under management. Over the last 40 years, Firstmac has provided over 100,000 home loans to everyday Australians. International ratings agency Standard & Poor’s awards Firstmac its highest possible ranking for loan servicing.

Being part of the Firstmac Group means that has a number of ‘sister’ brands including the online lender, ‘’. The separation of editorial and commercial interests in the context of the broader group is paramount for This means that it takes proactive steps to manage group commercial influence over the operation. This can be read about further in our published Conflicts of Interest declaration on the website.

In essence, sister brands will be treated in the same manner as any other product provider looking to connect with the audience. If the Savings editorial team judge that products from a sister brand do not meet the purpose test of ‘helping consumers save money’, then they will not be included in editorial content.

Editorial values

To ensure that it can help everyday Australians save money, must always be able to demonstrate that it is worthy of their trust. Having the right values and consistently displaying them through content and organisational behaviour is what believes is the bedrock of this trust. To this end, aims to be original, accurate and accountable. The simple objective for is to be both credible and practical in the eyes of its audience.

Separating the editorial and commercial elements content will always be researched, written and appropriately approved according to regulatory requirements, journalistic methods and in an objective manner in order to identify the money saving opportunities and products that it judges are worthy of consideration for its audience, consistent with its purpose of “helping people save money”.

Content is curated on which people in the community are searching for answers. If this content generates opportunities for the team to connect the ensuing audience to products that it believes align with the contextual purpose of the content, then it will publish those products and consider a commercial relationship. Importantly, often publishes products which have no commercial relationship in place with a product provider.

Additionally, products provided by the Firstmac Group shall be assessed using the same journalistic methods as those of any other product provider and, like any other third party, shall only be included within editorial content where those products are judged by the non-commercial teams as good savings options for the audience.’s regulatory responsibilities and obligations operates as an Australian Financial Services Licensee and an Australian Credit Licensee, Number 515843, of Level 40, 123 Eagle Street, Brisbane Qld 4000. These licensing regimes require material effort to ensure that remains within their strict compliance frameworks – a responsibility which takes very seriously.

Any information provided by is intended to be general in nature. It is not intended to be specific to any individual’s personal circumstances. And whilst we will create and provide access to handy tools such as calculators, infographs and succinct tables to help the audience make better decisions to help them save money, will never recommend a single product as being appropriate for an individual’s specific and personal needs and circumstances.

Members of the audience are encouraged to speak with a financial adviser should they wish to discuss their own personal circumstances and needs.


17 January 2020