October 21, 2017

Term Deposits

How Term Deposits Work in Australia

There are so many saving options in Australia that the decision on a single one sometimes starts to look impossible to make. There are so many bank products in Australia that offer different features, fees, terms and interest rates and they fit a wide variety of different people with different savings needs. So, how can you decide where to put your money?

Well, first and foremost, you need to decide what your goals are and then you need to make a thorough comparison of all options available.

A popular financial product offered by banks in Australia is a term deposit account. This type of product is for clients willing to ‘lock away’ their money for a set period of time and earn interest on their money at a rate of interest offered by the financial institution where the term deposit account is held…..

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Term Deposits vs Online Savings Accounts

Do you want to buy a new car or your dream home in the...

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Term deposit penalties – What happens if you withdraw before maturity?

One of the safe and secure ways to save and invest money is term...

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How Does a Term Deposit actually Work?

Aside from your savings account, there are several investment products that you can consider...

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Finding the Term Deposit that Suits You

When it comes to saving, it is often said that you should never put...

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The Pros and Cons of Using a Term Deposit

A term deposit is one of the many investment products that can help grow...

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What Does the ‘Term’ Mean in Term Deposits?

Banking terms can sometimes be confusing, and with many things to be aware of,...

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Use a Term Deposit Throughout the Year to Buy Your Kids’ Christmas Presents

Yes it’s a while until the silly season starts again. But….. The cost of...

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How to Use a Term Deposit Account to Save for Your Next Holiday

A term deposit is an easy way to save money and capitalise on more...

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How Opening a Term Deposit might Help Pay for Wedding Costs Later

“Do not put all of your eggs in one basket.” It’s an old saying...

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Term Deposit Basics

Term deposits are savings products offered by banks, credit unions and building societies. You...

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