September 24, 2018

Car Loans

Lease a car instead of buying it with a car loan?

The debate over whether it’s better to buy or rent a house has been...

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Car Loans vs Dealer Finance: A Crash Course

You’ve decided you need to borrow some money to buy a new set of...

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4 Major Factors Influencing Your Car Loan Interest Rate

If you’re looking at car loans, it pays to be prepared. We look at...

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What is a Car Loan Balloon Payment and How Does it Work?

Learn exactly what a car loan balloon payment is, why you might consider it...

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5 things to consider before refinancing your car loan

Whether it’s to secure a lower interest rate, add flexibility or consolidate debts, refinancing...

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What is a Green Car Loan?

Learn what a ‘green car’ is and what some of its benefits are –...

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