We welcome submissions from specialist contributors with a unique perspective on the finance topics we cover at publishes contributor articles through its website and promotes them selectively through its social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. also promotes select articles through its e-newsletters.

Contributions must adhere to editorial guidelines for objective, non-commercial writing. Submission of a contribution is no guarantee of publication.

Content guidelines

  • Content must be unique and must not have been published elsewhere. It must also be informative, helpful and offer new insights on finance topics of interest (see next section).
  • All statements of fact must be accompanied with credible references.
  • There should be no promotion of a product or service.
  • Sub-headings must be descriptive and include keywords so that readers can skim the article and still have an idea of what it’s about.
  • Article length should be 600 words minimum.

See some of the following articles for examples as to the type of guest content publishes:

Topics of interest

We’re mostly interested in articles that answer the ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions that everyday consumers have in relation to the following financial products:

  • Home loans
  • Car loans
  • Credit cards
  • Savings accounts (and broader savings in general)
  • Term deposits

Tone of voice takes a clean, professional approach to our content in order to maximise the clarity and usefulness for our readers. While it is acceptable and encouraged to bring your own voice into your stories, please avoid superfluous rhetoric, jargon, slang and colloquialisms. If you are presenting your own opinion, be sure to back it up with factual evidence.


We reserve the right to:

  • Edit your post for consistency and regulatory compliance
  • Remove non-relevant or affiliate links
  • Insert links wherever applicable, including our own

Restriction will reject any submission that:

  • Has repeated spelling, grammar or style mistakes
  • Uses profanity, with some consideration for quotations
  • Plagiarises or fails to adequately cite sources
  • Makes factually incorrect or questionable statements
  • Promotes a product or service
  • Is not relevant or insightful to our audience


You agree that, in consideration of the goodwill and reputational benefit you may gain from publication, you transfer to exclusively all copyright ownership in your submission (as edited or amended by if the content is published.


Any submission about financial products and services must comply with Australian law, including Financial Service and Credit licensing requirements and the Australian Competition and Consumer Law.

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