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Home Loan Comparison in Australia

Buying a home might be the biggest and smartest investment in a person’s life! Owning a place you can turn from a simple house to warm home can change your life!

However, getting that so wanted home is not always easy, even with the different home loans offered today! Getting the home loan itself is a complex process that requires much time and energy!

The first step of the process is choosing a home loan type! This initial step is what people find most confusing! Since there are so many different types of home loans, a decision cannot be made without a good home loan comparison. While making this home loan comparison, the interest rates must always be kept in mind! A lot depends on them so, comparing the mortgage rates is crucial in the decision-making process! By a home loan interest rates compare you can be sure that you are getting the best offer out there!

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What Are the Major Costs of Refinancing your Home Loan?

Amid Australia’s competitive home loan market, many Aussie homeowners have the power to refinance...

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Beginner’s Guide to Interest-Only Home Loans

In recent years, interest-only home loans accounted for around 40% of all outstanding Australian mortgages, before...

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How To Choose Between a Fixed or Variable Home Loan

Choosing between a fixed or variable rate home loan is a common dilemma for many...

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How much can you save with a home loan offset account?

An offset account is just one of the many lending features available to borrowers – but...

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Pros and Cons of Refinancing your Home Loan

Many borrowers are not even aware of what their current rate of interest is...

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How Much Should You Borrow for a Home Loan?

It’s every home buyer’s first thought – how much should I borrow for a home loan?...

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What is loan-to-value ratio (LVR) & how does it affect interest rates?

In the home loan market, a common term you may hear is loan-to-value ratio, or LVR....

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Effective Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Fast

A mortgage is one of the regular expenses that take the lion’s share of...

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Tax Deductible Expenses in Rental Properties

An Australian property investor needs to deal with a lot of things. One of...

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Differences in the Conveyancing Process between QLD and NSW

Whether you’re a seller or a buyer of a property, you may want to...

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