PM announces $500 payments for lockdown-affected Australians

author-avatar By on June 03, 2021
PM announces $500 payments for lockdown-affected Australians

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has launched the Temporary COVID Disaster payment today to help financially support Australians affected by lockdowns.

Workers who normally work more than 20 hours a week will receive $500, while those who work less than that will receive $325. 

The payment is available to Australian residents and people who are permitted to work in Australia. 

The worker must live or work in a Commonwealth defined hot spot and must be unable to attend work due to COVID restrictions, with these guidelines also applying to people classified as close contacts. 

Mr Morrison said workers who are receiving other Federal Government fiscal support are ineligible for the payment. 

"If you are already receiving support from the Social Security system, on JobSeeker, where we have relaxed the rules around JobSeeker, you're getting your support through that channel," Mr Morrison said.

"The person must accept and acknowledge that they meet the above criteria with the possibility of retrospective compliance activity, as you would expect as we apply in all of these circumstances."

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