September 26, 2018

About us

At pty ltd we are passionate about increasing the financial literacy of all Australians.

We believe that whether somebody is starting out, looking to buy their first home, looking to invest or making a retirement plan, it’s never too late to start saving money. Basic financial education is needed to help normal Aussie’s stay on top of their money and better their financial position.

We know about money. Our sister website is who are Australia largest online lender. We deal with customers every day looking to take out finance. And every day we are faced with the same questions. We have identified that there is a need for financial education in this country and whether you be at school or looking to retire, it’s never too late to learn. We are passionate about creating the tools to make this possible.

We have assembled tips and tools that include practical information designed to help all Australians with saving. We want to help people build good saving practices for life.

Our Core Values.

We Keep it Simple – money is not complicated. We talk about savings in a clear and easy way to follow.
We get to the point – Everyone’s time is important – we get to the point at
We live in the real world – we live in the real world and we talk about real financial situations and real people. We include lists, tips and tools to make it easy.
It’s never too late – we believe not matter what your life stage is, it’s never too late to learn about saving money.