Announced in late March 2020, the Federal government’s JobKeeper scheme was launched to financially assist those affected by lockdowns due to COVID and help save jobs. \

Legislated until September, the wage subsidy paid $1,500 per employee to eligible employers. As the pandemic dragged on, the scheme was extended to March 2021, however, payments were reduced. Those working more than 20 hours a week now receive $1,200 a fortnight, and those working less than 20 hours a week get $750 a fortnight. This will be reduced further in January, to $1,000 a fortnight and $600 a fortnight respectively. Many groups have called for a further extension, with 2.24 million Aussies still set to be receiving payments in the December quarter. But the government has stressed the scheme has always been temporary and it will end as scheduled.

1. JobKeeper basics

2. JobKeeper extension

3. What happens when JobKeeper ends?

4. What the experts think