This comes as ING has announced a raft of changes to the terms and conditions of Orange Everyday Banking effective 1 August 2023.

Where ING Orange Everyday customers could previously claim unlimited rebates on international withdrawals, the change will see no rebates offered for international ATM operator fees. 

ING’s updated Orange Everyday Banking Benefits Schedule states operator fees are charged in relation to transactions and enquiries carried out at the operator's ATMs. 

“We only rebate eligible domestic ATM operator fees,” the schedule read.

ING will maintain its current offering, providing customers a rebate on the first five eligible ATM withdrawal fees both domestically and internationally, yet following the incoming change on 1 August 2023 ATM operator fees will still apply. 

“Some ATM operators will charge fees in relation to transactions and enquiries carried out at their ATMs,” the schedule read.

“These fees apply to your account in addition to the ING International ATM withdrawal fee, even if ING does not charge a fee for that transaction or enquiry.” 

Once an ING Orange Everyday customer has claimed the five eligible ATM withdrawal fees, subsequent ATM withdrawals made internationally will incur a $5 fee with the addition of international operator fees. 

ING tweaks monthly deposit criteria for Orange Everyday Benefits

To achieve Orange Everyday Benefits from 1 August 2023, ING will allow deposits to ING Personal Loans to count towards Orange Everyday Benefits monthly deposit criteria.

These deposits to an ING Personal Loan must be at least $1,000 from an external source. 

ING’s Orange Everyday Benefits include:

  • Rebates on ATM fees for the first 5 fee incurring ATM withdrawals (excludes international ATM operator fees).
  • Unlimited rebates on the ING International Transaction Fee.
  • 1% cashback on eligible utility bill payments (up to $100 per financial year). 

ING notes Orange Everyday Benefits will apply to the next calendar month when you meet eligibility requirements during the current calendar month. 

Image by Joost J. Bakker via Wikimedia Commons