Which generation had it harder for home buying?

Tales of the old 16% interest rates are whipped out at family barbecues whenever a young person complains about house prices, but who actually had it harder?

Should you make a regional move post-COVID?

Escaping from the city to the country is hardly new - I mean, there’s a show on the ABC about it. But COVID is proving to be the push thousands of Aussies needed.

Let’s talk about the JobSeeker cuts. Do they make sense?

One of the most pressing issues facing Australians at the moment is that of JobSeeker, with more than a million Aussies currently using the payment preparing to have their incomes cut while they look for work.

What is domestic financial abuse?

It’s been described as a ‘hidden epidemic’ affecting countless Australian households and families. And yet many people may not be aware of its existence, or how it can affect people.

Do you need a credit card?

With credit card use plunging, do you even need a credit card anymore?

How to choose a savings account

When it comes to choosing a savings account, it’s not just about picking one with the highest interest rate.

Why a property tax is not the answer

Axing stamp duty in favour of property tax is a hot debate, but if we look to the United States, the picture may not be as rosy as it seems.

A guide to financial advisers

At Savings.com.au, we often recommend you consider consulting a financial adviser before making a major financial decision. So what do advisers do, and do you actually need to see one?