What is a basic home loan?

Home loans seem to be getting fancier by the day, but not everyone wants a home loan with more inclusions than inspector gadget.

What is a package home loan?

If you’re not a fan of having all your finances scattered across different banks, you can actually bundle most of them together with a single one.

Home loans for Indigenous Australians

If you’re an Indigenous Australian there are a number of government-funded measures designed to help you buy a home.

How to ask your lender for a rate reduction

Home loan interest rates are plunging to the lowest levels in history so if your lender isn’t playing ball, don’t be afraid to demand a better deal.

Can you get a home loan while studying?

Are you studying at uni or TAFE, but also want to buy a home? Don’t worry, the two aren’t mutually exclusive - you can sometimes do both!