No pay rise for Aussies in eight years

The median household disposable income for Australians hasn’t gone up in eight years. In fact, it’s gone slightly backwards.

Simple vs compound interest

It’s easy to get bored with interest rates amidst the noise of politicians and faceless banks, especially when it feels like nothing is changing.

Commonwealth Bank slashes savings account rates

Commonwealth Bank has stung savers by cutting interest rates on its savings accounts by up to 25 basis points, making it the last of the big four to reduce savings rates this month.

ASIC looks to end dodgy insurance telemarketing

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has proposed a ban on unsolicited phone call sales of life insurance and consumer credit insurance (CCI).

86 400 becomes Australia’s newest bank

Australia has a brand-new bank, with 86 400 granted a full Authorised Deposit-taking Institution (ADI) license by APRA today.

UBank cuts savings account interest rates again

UBank has today slashed the interest rates on its savings accounts by 19 basis points, taking the maximum rate on its ‘USaver with Ultra’ account down to 2.41% p.a.

Is there a difference between minimum wage and living wage?

Back in 1907, a landmark Australian labour law ruled all employees were obligated to be paid a wage that “guaranteed them a standard of living reasonable for a human being in a civilised community”. At the time, this wage was seven shillings per day or 42 shillings per week.