20 money mistakes millennials make

Your twenties are the one time in your life when you’re supposed to make mistakes: live in bad share houses with questionable housemates, date the wrong people, fail the exams, blow all your money online shopping…

How open banking could save you money

Every tap-n-go, click and auto-debit you make creates financial data. This information is becoming increasingly valuable, and now the government wants to give you the power to use it for your own benefit. It also wants to make your use of this financial information the catalyst to drive competition and innovation among the banks and organisations. It’s called open banking and it’s set to revolutionise the banking industry – and save you money too.

Cost of living increases are starting to slow

The cost of living might be a key topic of conversation in the buildup to the federal election, but the latest data shows things might not be as bad as they’re made out to be.

Australians gambling less

New data from Roy Morgan shows there’s been a significant drop-off in the number of adult Australians gambling.