Inflation pushes shoppers to sniff out grocery bargains online

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Inflation pushes shoppers to sniff out grocery bargains online

A new survey reveals online grocery shopping saves the average shopper $1,369 a year and the equivalent of an extra long weekend in time back.

Inflation has been a hot topic, with petrol, groceries and alcohol all rising in recent months.

ABS data from December toppled many economists’ predictions, rising 1.3% in the December 2021 quarter to an annualised rate of 3.5%.

A survey of 1,044 Australians, commissioned by ING, shows shoppers are buying groceries online to save time (62%), avoid crowds (58%), save money (33%) and limit impulse purchases (31%).

Almost three quarters (71%) are looking to save money by searching for the best deals online or opting for pre-prepared lunches.

Amy Cunningham, Head of Digital at ING Australia, said buying your groceries online could be one of the easiest ways to save money.

"The $1,369 saved by the average shopper may cover two months’ of utility bills or the costs for a year’s worth of swimming lessons for one child," she said.

"Plus getting an extra-long weekend of time back to spend doing the things that matter most is a real added benefit."

According to the report, 22% of respondents are also currently signed up to a meal kit subscription.

The main motivation is to save cash (76%), and on average, and shoppers estimate they save $1,503 a year by opting for mealtime deliveries.

More than three quarters (78%) said they order groceries online more than they did before the pandemic.

Almost eight in ten (79%) want to save money on food, whether that be dining out (41%) or groceries (38%) in 2022.

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