October 20, 2018

Small Conveyancer versus Large Conveyancer. What’s the Difference?

In its simplest form, conveyancing refers to the process of preparing documents needed to transfer ownership of a property from one entity to the other, and the licensed and qualified individual who does conveyancing is called a conveyancer.

You may discover that there are small conveyancers and large conveyancers. Is there a difference? The answer is yes. Conveyancers are not created equal.

What does a conveyancer do? He/She undertakes tasks in making sure that the transfer of property ownership goes smoothly. You will most likely engage with a conveyancer if you are buying or selling property, updating a title or managing easements. A conveyancer will also be able to provide details about the property, prepare all necessary documents, as well as handle the settlement process.

When it comes to property conveyancers, you may discover that there are small conveyancers and large conveyancers. Is there a difference? The answer is yes. Conveyancers are not created equal. In the process of finding the right property conveyancer for you, you’ll know that there are those who are self-employed or connected with a small business, while there are those who work I solicitors’ offices. They also differ in fees as well as other services offered.

Here are the other differences of small conveyancers and large conveyancers:

  • Large conveyancers have a team of lawyers. Conveyancing in Australia involves a wide range of laws and business practices, and having a team of lawyers with extensive experience may be a better option.
  • A well-established team has your best interests in mind. While small conveyancers can offer excellent conveyancing services, large conveyancers have years of experience and level of expertise that small conveyancers may not always have.
  • Better administration makes the process stress-free. Years of experience that large conveyancers offer can translate to better administration of the entire process. That is why it is important to compare quotes from different firms to find the one that meets your requirements.
  • There’s someone you can rely on when the need arises. You may encounter issues during the process of transferring property ownership. Small conveyancers may not be able to have someone who will readily help you and understands what needs to be done in any complication. On the other hand, large conveyancing firms are composed of large teams of lawyers and professionals who are more equipped to help no matter what the issues are.

These do not imply that you need to avoid small conveyancers. In the end, it really depends on your requirements and budget. Besides, property conveyancers in Australia have all undertaken training and programs so they can better perform their tasks and give you expert conveyancing advice.

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