A personal loan can help you pay for that renovation, holiday, wedding or other major expense. It could also be used as a tool for consolidating your numerous credit card debts.

No matter what your purpose is, the right personal loan should get you what you need without sending you hurtling towards a budgetary black hole. To ensure this, you want to make sure the benefits you’re getting from the personal loan aren’t outweighed by the loan’s costs - namely, interest and fees.

Savings.com.au’s personal loan calculator can assist you there. Among other things, it can help you calculate:

  • What your personal loan repaymentss might be
  • What the total cost of the loan might be
  • How much you could save with a lower-rate personal loan
  • How much you could save with a shorter personal loan term

Picking out the right personal loan from the many on offer may seem overwhelming, but with Savings.com.au’s personal loan calculator handy, this should become much easier.

Personal Loan Calculator