Tax refund app says $1.1 billion of WFH expenses to be claimed

Tax refund app TaxFox has estimated the working-from-home tax deductions up for grabs for Australian workers this year could total $1.1 billion, while also revealing the nation’s highest-claiming professions.

Looming crisis once COVID-19 income support ends

JobKeeper and JobSeeker payments have mostly prevented people falling into poverty, research reveals, but the gap between rich and poor is expected to explode once COVID-19 stimulus measures end.

Highest savings account interest rates 2020

Want to find a high interest savings account to store your hard-earned cash? It’s pretty slim pickings at the moment, but we’ve done our best to compile some of the highest savings account interest rates on the market this month.

High introductory savings account rates 2020

If you’re after a higher interest rate on your savings account for a limited period of time, then an introductory savings account could be the right product for you.

8 ways to make extra cash online during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of Australians out of work or with reduced incomes. But you can still earn money online from the comfort of your couch.