Consumer finances at record highs: ANZ

Australian consumers are feeling better about the current state of their finances than they have in over a decade, according to the latest ANZ-Roy Morgan survey.

Nearly half of Australians want financial advice: ASIC

Research by ASIC has revealed the attitudes of Australians towards financial advisers, with 41% of Australians revealing they intend to get personal financial advice in the near future.

How much should you spend on rent?

For most of us, renting is a rite of passage when you move out of home. On one hand, you’re stoked to be a fully-fledged adult with your own place. On the other hand, you feel like crying when you see the amount of money being drained from your bank account every week.

Aussies splash almost $20 billion on gifts

Research from the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA) has revealed Australians spend $19.8 billion buying gifts each year.

Op shopping tips for maximum value

You’ve walked past a store and seen a gorgeous pair of jeans, walked in, checked the price, and immediately walked straight back out. We’ve all been there. New clothes are expensive!