Amid recent market volatility and spikes in electricity bills, Joulius aims to help customers find the cheapest plan available.

Joulius uses real data from a consumer’s electricity bill and compares it against all retailers’ plans for the user's current tariff type in the public market. 

According to the energy startup, customers can save an average of $280 in savings against their current plan over the next 12 months. 

Along with analysing electricity bill data, the service can also analyse metered data to produce a robust personalised profile of a customer’s electricity needs. From there, Joulius can recommend plans with greater accuracy. 

In addition, customers can receive notifications that will alert them to better deals if they are ever in need of changing retailers.

Users also have the option of filtering recommendations according to what’s most important to them, such as green power. 

Marketing lead for Joulius Ceri Bennett said the platform hopes to ease the stress some Victorians may be feeling amid cost of living pressures. 

“Consumers benefit because they can find the best deal and ensure that they receive the most competitive price on an ongoing basis,” Ms Bennett said.

“We are entering the market at a time when customers are experiencing stress and anxiety about the rising cost of living, which has been made worse by recent energy market volatility.

“Victorians are in real need of a tool like Joulius right now. We’re glad that we can be a support and hope that we can ease some of their pain.”

After switching providers with the help of Joulius, Victorian resident Keegan Scannell will save approximately $1,000 annually on her electricity bills. 

“I recently signed up to Joulius and it was a very user-friendly and unintrusive experience. It asked me to upload a couple of my existing electricity bills and then let me know what plan I should be on to save money,” Ms Scannell told 

“From a simple switch in providers, there is more money in our pockets that we can spend doing the things we love like a family holiday, rather than spending it on energy.

“What’s great about the service is that I can keep putting in my current bills as they come in and it will keep providing me with an update whether it’s a great plan to stay on or whether I should be shopping around, especially with the rising cost of living.”

To access the service and get started, Victorian residents can visit the website or download the mobile app.

Image by Brett Sayles via Pexels