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Top concerns facing home loan borrowers in 2019

New research has revealed what Australian borrowers are most worried about for the coming year.

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Average Aussie home price falls to $651,100

The average residential dwelling price in Australia fell $15,700 in the December 2018 quarter, largely driven by price falls in Sydney and Melbourne.

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Australia’s income tax rate set to hit 2nd-highest rate in history: Deloitte

An average tax of 20 cents per dollar of wages and salaries is set to be paid in the 2021-22 financial year.

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Residential land prices defy falling demand, continue to rise

Despite a fall in demand, the price of land in Australia for new residential building has continued to rise, according to a new report.

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Westpac tips Aussie dollar to slide to 68 US cents in 2019

Weak economic growth and cash rate cuts will drive the Australian dollar down to 68 US cents in the second half of 2019, according to Westpac economists.

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What over two-thirds of Aussie consumers say are the wisest places for savings

The mood of Australian consumers has deteriorated this month, according to the latest consumer sentiment index from the Westpac-Melbourne Institute.

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Australia’s biggest annual fall in home loan lending since late ’08

The value of new home loans to Aussie households has fallen over 20% in a year, according to the latest data.

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How RBA rate cuts may have affected Australia’s housing market

Australia’s rapid growth in house prices and construction over the past few years is largely a result of low interest rates, according to new research.

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Two RBA cash rate cuts in 2019: NAB

National Australia Bank has become the second ‘big four’ bank to forecast Australia’s cash rate to be cut twice to reach 1.00% by the end of the year.

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Housing and rental affordability declines despite falling property prices

Both housing and rental affordability has marginally declined across Australia, according to research.

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