Collecting Cars Australia have revealed the top ten most popular cars bought and sold on its auction site. Collecting Cars is a platform for Aussies to buy and sell rare and iconic vehicles. Transactions range from old Corollas selling for $10,000 to supercars like the Ferrari Pista going for close to $1 million.

Rich Fowler, head of Collecting Cars Australia, says buyers tend to be a mixture of motoring enthusiasts looking for a new set of wheels and investors on the hunt for models with the potential for appreciation over the years.

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

It’s pretty well established a car is normally a rapidly depreciating asset. A new car can lose up to 25% of its value the day it’s driven off the lot, but this isn’t always the case. Car collectors around the world are always on the lookout for models to add to their collection, and high demand means certain models become much more expensive over the years. If your grandparents have an old car gathering dust in a garage somewhere, there might be collectors who would pay big money to get hold of it.

“Barn finds are the holy grail of this kind of business,” Mr Fowler told

“Different eras peak and drop as collectors get younger…people will collect anything as long as it’s in original condition. People love restoring [older cars]…it’s all about nostalgia and emotion.”

The sales history on Collecting Cars is littered with examples of old, seemingly basic models that fetched a huge price at auction.

Renault 5 turbo.jpg

Nissan skyline.jpg

The top ten

By sales volume, these are the ten most popular models sold on Collecting Cars Australia since the dedicated Sydney office opened in January 2021.

Porsche 9/11

Porsche 911.JPG

The most in demand vehicle sold on Collecting Cars is the Porsche 9/11. Mr Fowler says the 9/11 is the “greatest sports car of all time,” so car experts are unlikely to be surprised to see it take out top spot.

Cheapest sold: 1975 911 2.7 ($49,500)

Most expensive sold: 2022 992 GT3 Touring '70 YEARS PORSCHE AUSTRALIA EDITION' ($670,500)

Classic Mercedes Benz


After Porsche, Mercedes Benz was the manufacturer most transacted on Collecting Cars. Mercedes has a history going back to the 20s, and have tended to maintain their value well over the years.

Cheapest sold: 1974 W116 280 S ($5,500)

Most expensive sold: 1963 W111 220 SEB Cabriolet ($200,000)


Bmw m3.JPG

The next most popular is the BMW M3, which started in 1986. Mr Fowler called the M3 a ‘performance bargain’ and said these are in demand predominantly because of how they drive, not for car collections.

“[Buying M3s is] about the cheapest, coolest way to have some fun,” he told

Cheapest sold: 1999 E36 Convertible Anniversary edition ($31,250)

Most expensive sold: 2022 G80 Competition XDrive ($117,500)

Toyota Land Cruiser

Land cruiser.JPG

It’s uncontroversial to say Aussies love a Land Cruiser. Toyota’s four-wheel drive model was among the top ten highest selling cars in Australia for June 2023 (including Prados), and classic models were also among the most popular on Collecting Cars.

“We sell a lot of classic Land Cruisers, people love restoring them and having adventures with them,” Mr Fowler said.

Cheapest sold: 1981 FJ45 Arkana ($11,250)

Most expensive sold: 1978 FJ55 ($94,000)

Subaru Impreza WRX

An Aussie-made classic, there’s plenty of demand for vintage Impreza WRXs. Mr Fowler highlighted the 1998 22B model, which typically sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“This was a celebration of Subaru’s third World Rally Championship,” Mr Fowler told

'[1998 was] also the start of the gaming generation, where you had Colin McRae Rally, a video game with [this car] on the cover.”

Cheapest sold: 2004 WRX Club Spec Evo 8 ($8,000)

Most expensive sold: 1998 STI 22B ($370,000)


Ford Mustang

Mustang 1966.JPG

Mustangs have been a popular collectible for 50 years, always prominent in movies. Mr Fowler told that although Ford have made plenty of models - which dilutes the potential for appreciation - the ‘cool’ factor helps keep demand for Mustangs high.

Cheapest sold: 1966 289 Hardtop ($27,250)

Most expensive sold: 1967 Fastback - Eleanor Tribute ($240,000)

Land Rover

Land rover defender 90.JPG

Produced since 1948, Land Rovers have developed a cult following, and remain highly popular among collectors. Collecting Cars has sold models from 1950 all the way up to modern Defenders.

Cheapest sold: 1950 Series 1 80” ($6,100)

Most expensive sold: 2015 Defender 90 Heritage ($150,000)

Nissan GTR

Mr Fowler said the Nissan GTR is another example of a car owing some of its popularity to movies and video games, citing the ‘Fast and Furious generation’. Nissan make special collectible versions of the GTR, with very few models, which he says people can make a lot of money on.

Cheapest sold: 1995 Skyline R33 GTR($54,366)

Most expensive sold: 2017 R35 Nismo ($300,000)


Ducati ss.JPG

Although it’s predominantly cars, Mr Fowler says the site sells plenty of bikes, primarily those from Ducati, the ‘Ferrari of motorbikes’. He said bikes are particularly common among investors, who buy them for aesthetic and investment purposes rather than to drive. ”Bikes do tend to sit in peoples living rooms, lounge rooms, bedrooms and garages. A lot of people buy [Ducatis] just to look at, and they do appreciate in value,” he told

Cheapest sold: 1997 916 Biposto ($17,500)

Most expensive sold: 1976 900 SS ($126,500)

Honda NSX

Honda nsx 1991.JPG

Japan’s first supercar, the NSX was designed with the help of Ayrton Senna, and is popular among fans of both Japanese automobiles and the late formula one legend.

Cheapest: 1991 NSX ($81,000)

Most expensive: 1992 NSX ($134,000)

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