October 17, 2018

Is Lounge Access Really Important When Choosing a Credit Card?

There are a number of credit cards that provide airport lounge access. An airport lounge is provided by an airline or independent owner offering an area where people can meet, rest, or work in a quiet and peaceful environment outside of the hustle and bustle of the airport.

Are you a frequent traveller?

Lounge access is only going to benefit you if you make frequent trips.

The lounge usually provides its guests with high speed internet connection, phones, TVs, fax machines, complementary drinks and beverages as well as a host of other services. Some airport lounges even provide massages and showers. There are different ways that you can gain access to an airport lounge, such as flying as an elite frequent flyer, flying in premium cabins, purchasing a lounge program membership or a day pass. Another common way that people can gain access to the airport lounge is by holding a credit card that provides such services.

Do I need lounge access?

Lounge access is only going to benefit you if you make frequent trips. If you travel once or twice a year and you want to have lounge access, you should take advantage of a lounge access day pass. If you are a regular domestic traveler, it might even be beneficial for you to pay the annual fee on an eligible credit card for lounge access.

Which Credit Card Provides Lounge Access

Before submitting an application of a credit card that provides lounge access, you should compare features of different credit cards and make sure that you are getting the best deal.

City Prestige Visa Infinite

If you travel frequently with more than one person, this credit card waives the fee for an additional guest. You will have access to airport lounges all over the world including Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris, Bangkok, London and many more.

Diners Club

No matter which club card you apply for, you will have access to more than 500 lounges worldwide through Diner’s personal network. All of the participating lounges are available on the Diners Club’s website.

ANZ Black Card Frequent Flyer

ANZ provides its frequent flyer black card holders with unlimited access to over 60 airport lounges around the world. One of the most prestigious airport lounges available to ANZ card holders is the Auckland New Zealand Emperor Lounge.

Westpac Altitude Black

Westpac card holders are eligible for two free visits to the airport lounge in Sydney no matter what airline you are travelling with.

Final Thought

It is not essential that you choose a card that offers lounge access; however, if you travel regularly and you want to reap the benefits of an airport lounge then start looking for the best credit card deal that provides you with lounge access.

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