September 23, 2018

Why People Use Travel Cards for their Holidays

More and more Australians are going on overseas holidays, and the ever growing tourism industry leads to the boom of holiday essentials such as travel cards. A lot of travelers do not go on vacation without a travel card as it offers several benefits that makes even short-term trips more convenient and enjoyable.

Some countries prefer cash over cards, so it is beneficial to have a travel card that is accepted in ATMs overseas.

There are different travel cards for different types of travelers. To find out which is the best card for you, consider these tips:

Compare travel cards in advance to get the best exchange rate

Travel cards in Australia vary in features and fees so you may want to look at several cards first before your holiday so you can buy what suits your holiday needs.

Opt for a travel card that locks in an exchange rate

Fixed exchange rate means that the amount of foreign currency you have will not fluctuate as the exchange rate changes. It can be one of the best ways to exchange money since you know the exact amount that you can spend during your holiday.

Check what fees are included

Make sure you’re aware of what fees you will be up for when using a travel card. One of the fees to look out for is the reload fee or the amount you pay when you add more money to your card. Some providers do not charge a reload fee, while others offer a flat rate. But there are other providers that do not have a limit on the reload fee so it can be costly.

Buy a travel card that supports multiple currencies

The good thing about having a travel card is that when you convert Australian dollars into another currency, you don’t have to pay conversion fees. This is different from when you use your standard Australian bank cards in a different country where you’ll be charged a fee every time you spend.

Look for a card that can be used in ATMs

Some countries prefer cash over cards, so it is beneficial to have a travel card that is accepted in ATMs overseas. Some providers do not charge a fee when you use your travel card in an ATM. Make sure you check this out first.

Travel cards have become a staple for a lot of travelers. To save money and avoid inconvenience while overseas, it pays to look at different cards and choose what’s suitable for your holiday destination and budget.

Got other ideas on travel cards and best way to exchange currency? You can share your traveler tips in the comments section below.

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