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Read on to compare some of’s key home loan interest rates and the key features they have.


About is a leading fintech and online-only lender based in Brisbane that’s been operating since 2011. It’s backed by parent company Firstmac, the largest prime only non-bank lender in Australia.

As an online lender, is able to offer competitive rates and fees to customers thanks to a lack of overhead costs. It offers home loans and car loans.

What home loans does offer? offers a wide selection of home loans for many different types of buyers such as owner-occupiers, refinancers, investors, people looking to build their own house and more. home loan interest rates offers both variable and fixed-rate home loans as well as giving borrowers the option to make principal & interest or interest-only repayments. Some of’s home loan products include:

  • Smart Home Loan: A low rate variable home loan with no ongoing or monthly fees.
  • Essentials Home Loan: A streamlined home loan with unlimited redraws.
  • Zip Home Loan: A home loan that comes with $5,000 interest-free Visa Debit Card, redraw offset facility and has no ongoing fees.
  • Offset Home Loan: A home loan with a 100% redraw offset facility that can help pay off your loan quicker and save on interest costs.
  • Fixed Home Loan: Fixed-rate loan terms from 1-3 years with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options and the ability to split between fixed and variable up to five times.

You can find the complete list of home loan products here. variable home loans

Provider Ad rate
Comp rate*
Purchase or Refi P&I 80% Smart Home Loan 2.88% 2.90% $1,661 More details
Smart Investor Home Loan P&I 80% 3.19% 3.21% $1,728 More details
Ad rate
Comp rate*
Purchase or Refi P&I 80% Smart Home Loan
2.88% 2.90% $1,661
More details
Smart Investor Home Loan P&I 80%
3.19% 3.21% $1,728
More details

Base criteria of: a $400,000 loan amount, variable, principal and interest (P&I) home loans with an LVR (loan-to-value) ratio of at least 80%. Introductory rate products were not considered for selection. Monthly repayments were calculated based on the selected products’ advertised rates, applied to a $400,000 loan with a 30-year loan term. *Rates correct as at 2 December 2019. View disclaimer. home loan features home loans can offer a variety of mortgage features such as:

  • Unlimited additional repayments: You can make additional repayments on your loan so you can save money on interest and pay off your loan sooner, although the fixed-rate loans place a cap on the number of extra repayments you can make each year until the fixed term ends (up to $10,000 per annum).
  • Flexible repayment frequency: You can make your repayments weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to suit your budget.
  • Schedule recurring transfers: You can automate your transfer to your preferred day.
  • Direct debit arrangement: You can make repayments directly from your bank account, making repaying hassle-free
  • 100% redraw offset facility (only available on ‘Offset’ home loans): When you make extra repayments you can get 100% of the funds to offset your loan balance.
  • You can also redraw the extra funds when you need them.
  • No monthly or ongoing fees: Select home loan products such as the Smart Home Loan have no monthly or ongoing fees.
  • Smart money app: This is’s mobile app where you can manage your home loan, redraw offset facility, pay bills, transfer money etc.
  • Rate lock (only available on fixed home loans): when applying for a fixed loan you can use a rate lock to ensure your interest rate doesn’t change between your application and the loan’s settlement.

How to apply for an home loan

Eligibility criteria

You must meet the lending requirements of before applying for a home loan. Generally, you need to:

  • Be above 18 years old;
  • Be an Australian resident;
  • Be employed or earning a steady income
  • Demonstrate a strong capacity to repay the loan
  • Have a good credit history
  • Have a maximum LVR (loan-to-value ratio) of 80% (depending on the loan)

If you fit all the requirements, you can simply apply for a home loan online or book an appointment with a lending manager.

Documents needed may need the following documents when you apply for a home loan. You will need to provide the following:

  • Personal identification such as your driver’s license, passport or a State or Territory issued photo ID
  • Proof of income
    • For employees, you’ll need to present two of your latest payslips, employment contract or three months of bank statements proving your income.
    • For the self-employed, you’ll need to provide two years worth of your personal and business tax returns and Australian Taxation Office assessments for the past two years.
  • Proof of other sources of income such as rental property income, superannuation, dividends, and other government income sources
  • Asset and liabilities documents


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