Following the decision of the NSW Government to launch the ‘Stay and Rediscover’ scheme, NSW families will receive further incentives as a 'thank you' to parents and caregivers for homeschooling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

The $250 vouchers form a key component of the $2.8 billion package announced by the NSW Government as its Economic Recovery Strategy kicks off.

The vouchers will be available through Service NSW from March 2022 to households which had a school-aged child in 2021.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said that from the feedback he had received, one of the biggest challenges for so many families during lockdowns was learning from home.

"In many senses this is a 'thank you'  that will go some small way towards helping family finances that took a big hit and at the same time supporting businesses and jobs," Mr Perrottet said.

The $250 will be split into five $50 vouchers which can all be spent on recreation and accommodation, however are exempt from dining.

These vouchers will supplement the $50 Stay & Rediscover, and Dine & Discover, accommodation and hospitality vouchers.

In total, a NSW resident over the age of 18 with a school age child could receive in excess of $450 in vouchers:

  • $250 in homeschooling vouchers from March 2022
  • $50 in 'Stay & Rediscover' vouchers
  • $50 in extended 'Dine & Discover' vouchers (2x $25) from December
  • $100 in Dine & Discover vouchers (4x $25) announced mid-2021 (program ended July)

Image by Jessica Lewis via Unsplash