Energy saving tips for your home

Think your energy bill is too high? You’re not crazy for thinking so. In fact, you’re in the majority…

How to financially prepare yourself for possible unemployment

Coronavirus has resulted in many job losses and according to projections by the Grattan Institute, nearly a quarter of Aussie workers could be out of work in the coming weeks. Here’s how to prepare yourself financially for possible unemployment.

Can I withdraw my super early to pay off debt?

So you’re in a bit of a pickle and you need money – but the only savings you have are those in your super fund, which we all know you can’t access until you’ve retired. But are there any circumstances where you can withdraw your super early?

How much should you spend on rent?

For most of us, renting is a rite of passage when you move out of home. On one hand, you’re stoked to be a fully-fledged adult with your own place. On the other hand, you feel like crying when you see the amount of money being drained from your bank account every week.

How to save up for a house deposit

So you’ve decided to become a homeowner. No more grubby share houses, disagreements with the landlord, tolerating your housemates’ mess or their questionable design choices. Congratulations!

Is there a difference between minimum wage and living wage?

Back in 1907, a landmark Australian labour law ruled all employees were obligated to be paid a wage that “guaranteed them a standard of living reasonable for a human being in a civilised community”. At the time, this wage was seven shillings per day or 42 shillings per week.