Digital brokerage platform 'Stake' independently surveyed more than 1,000 young investors aged 18 to 40, finding they feel more empowered than ever before, with the majority self-investing in stocks (62%), cryptocurrency (43%) and the property market (40%) without traditional brokerages or advice.

Despite the high number of young Aussies investing without traditional advice, 87% said they would consult an online source before making an investment decision.

The report revealed the rise of the "online investor" with 68% of young investors (aged 18–29) influenced by social media versus 55% of those aged 30–40.

Stake founder and CEO Matt Leibowitz said report highlights how young Australians are 'hacking' their financial progress.

"Young Aussies are forming their own path and opinions when it comes to how money affects and drives their future," Mr Leibowitz said.

"The idea that share markets are for the few is dead. This new generation has demanded better, faster, more seamless access to all things across many categories.

"Investing in shares represents their opportunity to take matters into their own hands and feel savvy and in control of their progression, making decisions themselves without advice from someone in a suit."

This comes after recent research also showed Gen Z and Millennials were keener to invest than older generations.

Other key findings

This new report from Stake illustrates how the 'next generation' is building its wealth, with property prices at all-time highs:

  • On average, the wealthier young Aussie investor is female, holding assets worth $283,483 as opposed to the male investor holding on average $172,930

  • 81% are truly self-directed investors, taking the decision on themselves, choosing to bypass the traditional avenues

  • Young Aussie men are far more likely to invest in Crypto, Coins, and NFTs (66%), than women (34%)

  • 31% believe renewable energy will experience the most growth in the next 10 years followed by bitcoin and alternative coins (28%), and property (28%)

  • More than half (59%) of young Aussies actively engage with their superannuation

Bryan Wilmot, Chief Marketing Officer at Stake said: "The research demonstrates a generational shift in the attitudes, values, and demands of the next generation of investors."

Image by Maxin Hopman via Unsplash