New vehicles sales fall again in February

After falling in January, the latest new car sales figures show more of the same for February 2019, with sales declining by 9.3%

Uber to bring tipping to Australia

Ride-sharing giant Uber has introduced a new feature in its Australian app that lets riders ‘add a tip’ – and it hasn’t gone down particularly well.

Car loan arrears on the rise

The proportion of Westpac car loans in arrears has risen, according to Deutsche Bank, which can pose a risk for investors, customers and the bank itself.

Airport parking costs fall up to 22%

A new report by the ACCC has found the cost of parking in some of Australia’s biggest airports has declined.

New car sales figures decline in January

January 2019 was a cautious start to the year for car buyers, according to stats released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).