September 23, 2018

Why It’s Important to Swap Details After an Accident

Getting involved in a car accident, or any accident for that matter in Australia, can be an overwhelming experience. You may get disoriented with what to deal with first, especially if you and/or other people sustained injuries. No matter how serious or minor the car accident is, it is important to remain calm so you can better handle things that need to be dealt with right away.

In car accidents, it is better to get as many details are possible as these are helpful when getting on with a car insurance claim.

Aside from checking if someone needs urgent medical attention, it is important to swap details with the other driver who’s involved in a car accident. Not only is this one of the road rules being implemented, but also because it is an essential aspect for when you make car insurance claims.

What are the details that you need to exchange with the other party? Here are some of the things to keep in mind when swapping details with the other driver and/or people involved:

  • Take note of the time and place the accident occurred. Traffic situation and weather are also important to remember as external factors may have affected the incident.
  • Make sure to get the full name, contact number, license plate number, registration number, as well as insurance details of the other driver. If the driver is not the owner of the vehicle, find out the full name, address, and phone number of the owner.
  • Take photos of the damages, if any, the scene of the accident, and the vehicles involved.
  • If the other party does not want to swap details with you, make sure to tell the police. You can also take photos of his/her vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Get accounts of witnesses in the car accident.
  • Inform your insurance provider of what happened and they will be able to help you on the next steps to take.
  • Avoid discussing details such as who made the mistake that caused the accident. This is for your own protection, particularly when making a car insurance claim.

If you are the driver, passenger or pedestrian involved in a car accident, you are eligible for compensation for the injuries. With a successful car insurance claim, you can be compensated for hospital and rehabilitation expenses, costs of repair of damages in property, and/or loss of earning capacity.

In car accidents, it is better to get as many details are possible as these are helpful when getting on with a car insurance claim. Also, make sure to report the car accident to the police as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will need to explain the cause of delay when making a claim.

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