Named 'Stash', the new account offers an interest rate of 2.25% p.a. on balances up to $245,000 - making it the joint-highest non-introductory savings account interest rate on the market according to's research. 

Unlike other non-introductory savings accounts on the market offering over 2.00% p.a., the account does not require customers jump through any hoops to earn this interest rate.  

For example, Up's Saver account offers 2.25% p.a. to customers that make at least five purchases each month with a linked account while 86 400's save account also offers 2.25% but this is conditional on the customer depositing at least $1,000 each month.  

The table below displays a snapshot of some of the highest non-introductory interest rates on the market. 


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No monthly fees
  • Download the App to open your account
  • Get better visibility of your spending within App!
  • Deposit $200 per month to activate bonus interest
No monthly fees

Save Account

  • Download the App to open your account
  • Get better visibility of your spending within App!
  • Deposit $200 per month to activate bonus interest
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Savings Maximiser (<$100k)

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    Boost Saver

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      "We want Aussies to make better choices so they can get ahead and make more out of their money," Xinja CEO and Founder Eric Wilson said. 

      “There’s no introductory period, no minimum deposit and no mandatory monthly top-up. We’re offering our customers the best ongoing rate in the market.

      "True to Xinja’s ethos, there’s no nasty fine print or confusing terms.”

      Other high-interest savings accounts on the market include BOQ's Fast Track Saver and UBank's USaver+Ultra at 2.15% p.a and 2.10% p.a respectively, but these also have conditions attached:

      • BOQ Fast Track Saver: Deposit $1,000+ each month to linked ‘Day2Day Plus’ transaction account
      • UBank USaver with Ultra: Deposit $200+ each month into USaver Ultra or linked USaver account from a non-Ubank account, hold a USaver Ultra transaction account

      Xinja's deposit limit of $245,000 for the 2.25% p.a. rate is also relatively generous compared to the other high interest accounts on the market: 

      • 86 400's maximum balance is $100,000
      • Up's maximum balance is $50,000
      • BOQ's maximum balance is $250,000
      • UBank's maximum balance is $200,000 

      Another Neobank that's yet to fully release to the public, Volt, will also have a maximum interest rate of 2.15% p.a to a balance of $245,000. 

      This account will also have no requirements to reach the full interest rate. 

      According to Mr Wilson, the purpose of Stash is to reward customers for good financial decisions. 

      “The same day we got our full banking licence, we offered customers a fee-free transaction account, and this is the next step for us, a savings account with a ripper rate,” Mr Wilson said.

      “We’ve been building a bank, from scratch, guided by our customers, that offers a very different banking experience for Australians.

      “We’re using the best new technology to make banking fun. We want Aussies to make better choices so they can get ahead and make more out of their money."

      Other key details of Xinja's Stash product include:

      • Instant setup via the mobile app 
      • Links to the Xinja Bank account with no account keeping fees and no ATM fees 
      • No currency conversion fees 
      • Interest calculated daily, paid monthly
      • Apple Pay & Google Pay capability 
      • Freeze and unfreeze your card via the app 
      • In-app support