What is a car broker and do I need one?

Car buying services or car brokers can access fleet pricing and negotiate with dealerships, saving you time and money.

How to save on fuel this summer

The classic Australian summer calls for beach trips and family getaways, yet with petrol prices at record highs how can Aussies beat the bowser and save on fuel this summer?

How to sell or buy a car with finance owing on it

Your mate has got a vehicle at a great price and low kilometres, and you want to buy it, but he’s got finance owing. Is it a good idea to buy or sell an encumbered car?

Petrol prices lowest in 22 years

Average petrol prices in Australia's five largest cities were the lowest in 22 years according to the ACCC's latest petrol monitoring report.

EVs: Cheaper to run than ever before

RACQ has revealed it's cheaper than ever before to purchase an electric vehicle (EV), with the most affordable model costing $10,000 less than it did five years ago.