October 20, 2018

Car Insurance

Car Insurance in Australia

Aussie’s love their cars. It is widely known that Australian’s spend a lot of time on the road in their vehicles. In fact, on average we travel approximately 13,800 kilometers per year, which, by the way, is about 8 return trips from Melbourne to Sydney.

With all of that driving, it is no wonder why Australian’s want to have additional protection for their cars.

Car insurance in Australia is very important, with most of us purchasing additional protection for our cars. Below we introduce the topic of what car insurance is and provide a breakdown of the different types of insurance available in Australia.

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Understanding Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP)

Life can bring unexpected surprises. No matter what your age or background is, there...

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Trading Your Old Car In or Selling It Privately

Many people opt for cheap transportation such as buses and trains for their daily...

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Understanding Different Types of Car Finance Options

There are a lot of financing options for you to consider when you plan...

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How Regular Car Maintenance Can Save You Money

Cheap transportation modes such as buses and trains are of great help to a...

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Top 10 Best Value Hatchbacks in Australia

As transport costs continuously increase, more and more Australians are looking for cheap transportation...

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What is Third Party Fire and Theft Cover for Your Car?

We all know that insurance plays a significant role in our lives. It provides...

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Why It’s Important to Swap Details After an Accident

Getting involved in a car accident, or any accident for that matter in Australia,...

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Things for Teenagers to Consider Before Purchasing Car Insurance

It’s hard to get away without paying more for car insurance as a teenager....

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Ways to save money and time for buying and claiming CTP insurance

Use this handy checklist to save you time and money for all things related...

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How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

Having a car insurance is essential as it serves as your security blanket. It...

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